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In Japan, during SBO three of the players where my friends that went for Third Strike, (local Southern Califonia players) and one of them told me that there were a select few bad ass necro players there and they were doing 100% stun combo’s in the corner, even against Hugo. Some enlightenment would be nice if you guys know of this combo, Pyro said it could be done with Stomr and Snake both - if you cant help maybe the SBO DVD will :stuck_out_tongue:

I know I can do the b+mk, Strong Hook, Cancel Snake, (if corner) Jab Electricity, B+Down Fierce.

That combo gets the close to stun but not completely, so I wasnt sure what to do after the Strong Hook Punch Cancel Snake, cause I know they do shit in there thats stuns the opponent, I try doing the " " " Cancel Snake, then Standing Jab to Jab Electricity but it seems that only works on some char.

anyhow - any input would be thanks


hmm i know only of the hugo 100 combo…


How do you do this anti-Hugo combo?


I’m not sure what the combo is, but whatever it is…I know it probably wont stun with the Magnetic Storm. That super does very little stun damage in combos. I’ve done a full stun combo on Remy/Akuma, but I’d like to see how the hell they’re doing one to Hugo.


you guys can thank me later: http://game-newton.co.jp/movie/index.html

supposed to stun any char. including hugo and Q… sick shit indeed. chun owns necro for free too.


no, we don’t want to thank you for anything.

  1. the movie link wasn’t even posted by you originally. so don’t take other ppl’s credit. got that?

  2. necro stunned chunli. sure, look at the stun meter again. chunli was at 1/3 stun meter when necro parried, b+mk and comboed. and necro just did a standard stun combo, it’s his b&b.

don’t assume anything fool. and watch carefully. live and learn.


I was just being a smart ass no need to be a dick Truth, Japan and GameNewton deserve all the credit, everyone knows that. Besides man, what if this was never even posted? Iam just trying to support the third strike/necro community. and yes, it is supposed to stun Hugo, and Q. -

B+Forward xx Strong Hook Punch xx Electric Snake, B+Strong, Cr+Fierce, St+Jab, Cr+Fierce, St+Jab, Jab Electricity.

I’ll fuck around with it later, Iam at school right now and got home late last nite when I saw it, peace.


Doubt it, there were no Necros at SBO. :slight_smile:


you sure all the follow ups after the electric snake would hit? you can only juggle the cr+fierce so many times when your opponent is already stunned



go to that link then click this: 256 Kbps(320x240)

I meen, there might be some variation HugoLizard, like I said, I’ll mess with it when I get home from school. But Pyro and Shogo say that its a fairly new combo in Japan and lots of people are doing it easy now.

Also realistically you will have your opponent already stunned just some amount by the time you get them into the corner, even the smallest amount should do, but you might not even need it, i’ll have to check it out.



That’s a great combo. I had no idea his c.fierce was fast enough to juggle like that. This is good stuff, I’m gonna have to try this out after work :slight_smile:


this combo only works only if you dizzied the opponent after the electric snake, or else you can’t juggle them afterwards anymore after the B+Strong.

By the title of this thread and the first post, I thought you were talking about a combo that could stun a person from 0% stun damage to 100% stun damage.

And this combo probably only works on chun li since she floats the weirdest of all the characters, i’d be really surprised if it worked on Alex or Ryu.


yeah, i watched the vid too. chun was actually stunned after the electricty snake…so it’s pretty much a normal stun combo…the b+mk, mp hook, ES, plus the best followups won’t stun hugo or Q or dudley. they won’t even stun akuma. it’s a misunderstand i believe. stun combo usually means the wicked stuffs you do to juggle someone, once you stun them with something first…in anycase, try as you might, you won’t find a single necro combo that does full stun on hugo…if he has that, he’d be wayyyyyyyy better than now. since ES has little bar and you get one in 5 secs.


Well, I was playing around with this combo, and I could do it on Chun Li.

I also tried on Ryu, but the timing is a little different, and instead of B+MP, i used B+MK to juggle.

All I can get so far is:

B+MK xx QCF+MP xx Electric Snake (stun), B+MK, D+FP, LP

After the LP, I can’t connect anything yet, but I’ve only been trying for about five minutes.

Oh, and something cool I found out, you can do (on shotos):

B+MK xx QCF+MP xx ES (stun), B+MK, D+MP

I haven’t connected anything after the MP juggle, but I’ll keep trying stuff out. :slight_smile: