Full T7 Results

Well, T7 is over and it has a huge success. My thanks goes out to all the people who helped make this tournament what it was and to the players who came out to suppport it.

Team Tournament Results:

3rd Strike - 23 Teams

1st - Team Tyrants (AdamB/Ack/Dickson)
2nd - Team Empire (Flash metroid/Arturo/Justin Wong)
3rd - Team Burton (Chirs/Antoine/Burton)
4th - Team Outer Heaven (Dark Dragon/Tommy/Ben)
5th - Team Jonstar Ditched Us (YellowS4/Blaize(sp)/Js Master)
5th - Team Hate (Paul Wall/SmoothCat/CB)
7th - Team Fobs That Speak Perfect English (Louie/Yang/Steve)
7th - Team DownTown (Hugolizard/Samir/Ocean)
9th - Team Motreal (FreddyLocco/Veasna/Phul)
9th - Team T7 is Fucking Stupid & Nagata is Gay (Will/KingofNaboo/Hugo Anthony)
9th - Team Beckham (Beckham/Md/chris)
9th - Team York Uni (Don/King/Melvin)
13th - Team Orbit (Mike/Ken/Alfred)
13th - Team Pepto Bismol (NeoRussel/Quyen/Crazy Masters)
13th - Team Stephen’s Black! LOL! (CoveGuy/DarkGaygis/Gayjinblaze)
13th - Team Stephen’s a Racist (Cruxay/Cyrus/Mark)
17th - Team GTASF (PsychoChronic/WB!/Farid)
17th - Team Waterloo (Chun/g3nn/Dan)
17th - Team Laser Cats (Frank/Nelson/Robert)
17th - Team Down - Right Fierce (Patrick/Daniel/Alex)
17th - Team Tekken Canada (Shyft/Boss/Mrc)
17th - Team Made in Japan (X-Sapphire/Sinclair/Ky-Ant)
22nd - Team Needs a Fucking Miracle (Mihai/Matt/Cory)
23rd - TEAM BROTHER JOHNSONS (Ryan Johnson/ Wayne Johnson)

Guilty Gear XX Slash 2v2 - 7 Teams

1st Team Pad Scrubs (K2, Pui)
2nd Team Empire (JWong, FlashMetroid)
3rd Team Nachooooo (Anthony, X-Sapphire)
4th Team Team FOB (Ky guy, JS Master)
5th Team Stephen’s Basement (Tigerlee, DarkDragon)
5th Team Punishment (HoHo, Dice)
7th Team A (Aiden, Stephen)

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 - 8 Teams

1st - Team Empire (Flash Metroid, Xecutioner, JWong)
2nd - Team Freeeee Money (Darkdragon, Jiggabry, Isaac Graham)
3rd - Team Gamblers (DaFlipMasta, CrazyJ, JJ_Tactics)
4th - Team Luckfest (ROC, JS Master, g3nn)
5th - Team Unnamed? (Alex, Dennis Wong, Lord Magnus)
5th - Team MCR (Matt, Cito, Roger)
7th - Team Unnamed? (Dee, Joker, Chen)
7th - Team BlackforceDelta (Poeta, Crazy Penguin, Deathfist)

Capcom Vs Snk 2 - 10 Teams

1st - Team Empire (JWong/Arturo/Jeron)
2nd - Team Prez (Ratio1beatdown/JS Master/Prez)
3rd - Team PokeGuy (Poke Guy)
4th - Team Hate (CB/Da Wall/Smoothcat)
5th - Team 426 (Freddyloco/Arcade Legend/Flightwing)
5th - Team Rc Scrubs (Noodleman/Mythic Exile/EX Matt)
7th - Team AKL (Andy/Nguyuen Luu/Mr. K)
7th - Team P-Groove (Jay/Lars/PTS)
9th - Team KMF (Geese/Faree/Corry)
9th - Team Riverside (Brett/Maki/Pooman)

Tekken 5 - 9 teams

1st - Team leaf (neorussel, kuma/ lawrence, nina&anna/ barry, raven)
2nd - Team Empire (game, dj&hei/j wong, nina & feng/ blood red lei&jin)
3rd - Team wanna try me guv? (mahir,steve/moksungin, dj&marduk&nina/LD dave, dj)
4th- Team Pwnage (hamstar, steve/jinx, julia/benson, julia)
5th - Team MTL (trevor, steve/potatobrain, yoshi/shyft, dj)
5th - A team (Mr T, marduk/andytekken, ling/Vash, jin)
7th - Team random (N00bsaibot, king/estyles, drag/sazabibi, anna)
7th - Team Blatant (majirelli, bryan/herny, marduk/Endy, lei)
9th - Team Ottawa (PLA soldier, feng/familyman, king/shifty nevers, kaz)

Singles Results

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo - 16 entrants

1st Jeron
2nd Justin Wong
3rd Paul Wall
4th Kevin "Dogberry"
5th Brett "PsychoChronic"
5th Jamie "WB!"
7th David Spence
7th Arturo "Sabin"
9th Gerjay
9th CB
9th JayWang
9th Geese
13th Yuhing
13th Nagata Lock II
13th NoodleMan
13th Raziel

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 - 32 entrants

1st JWong
2nd Xecutioner
3rd Jiggabry
4th Gerjay
5th g3nn
5th Isaac
7th Flash Metroid
7th Tony
9th JS Master
9th Smokey
9th Chun
9th Samnang
13th Arcadekid
13th Alex
13th Lord Magnus
13th Ex Matt
17th Joker
17th Roger
17th Kam
17th Quan
17th Deathfist
17th Lawrence
17th Nadir
17th Q
25th Andy
25th JJ Tactics (disqualified)
25th Dee
25th CrazyJ (disqualified)
25th Mike
25th Geese
25th Green
25th Julian

Capcom Vs Snk 2 - 47 entrants

1st Justin Wong
2nd SmoothCat
3rd Js Master
4th Roger "R1B"
5th Tylor "Poke Guy"
5th Arturo "Sabin"
7th Nagata Lock II
7th Ian "Arcade Legend"
9th CB
9th Lars "JD"
9th Freddy Loco
9th FlightWing
13th Noodle Man
13th Flash Metroid
13th Jay
13th Marvin "C-Royd"
17th Alex
17th Gordon Thomas "TigerLee"
17th Jeron
17th Veasna
17th Jiggabry
17th Cyrus
17th Luu
17th Andy
25th Master Mao
25th “Random” Rey
25th Vanny
25th WB!
25th Tony
25th Phun
25th Paul Wall
25th Victoire "AznBoi"
33rd Wayne
33rd Kam
33rd Spencer
33rd Brett "PsychoChronic"
33rd Jim
33rd Yuhin
33rd Ass
33rd Matt
33rd fareed
33rd Corry
33rd Carlos
33rd Ray
33rd John
33rd Geese
33rd Gerjay

Street Fighter Alpha 3 - 22 entrants

1st Arturo “Sabin” Sanchez
2nd Justin wong
3rd Tony " Temujin"
4th Master Mao
5th Super Ass Rider
5th Veasna "Heero"
7th David Spence
7th Prez
9th Jeron
9th Juice
9th Paul Wall
9th Alex
13th Mihai "Geese"
13th Kevin
13th CB
13th Pooman ?
17th Brett "PsychoChronic"
17th Jamie "WB!"
17th Shyft
17th Gatsby
17th Raziel
22nd Jay

Guilty Gear Slash - 19 entrants

1st Pui - Zappa omg…
2nd Flash Metroid - Jam/Sol/Ky
3rd K-tru “K2” - May
4th Nazir “X-Sapphire” - Chipp
5th DarkDragon - Jam/Faust/Baiken
5th Js Master - Chipp/Baiken
7th Sam - Potemkin
7th Boa - Ky < DQ’ed
9th Paul Wall - Potemkin
9th Dice01 - Faust
9th Victoire - Jam/Dizzy
9th Ky-Ant - Ky
13th Juice - Millia
13th CB - Sol
13th Tim - Testament
13th Tony - Testament
17th Brett “PsychoChronic” - Sol/Eddie
17th Raziel - Millia
17th Joe < payed his entry fee then vanished DQ’ed

3rd Strike - 57 entrants

1st Justin Wong
2nd Ben "Nech_Neb"
3rd Burton
4th Antoine
5th AdamB
5th Don
7th Hugo Anthony
7th Louie
9th Melvin
9th Ibuki Chris
9th Arturo "Sabin"
9th Tommy
13th Phun
13th Js Master
13th Paul Wall
13th Cruxay
17th Cyrus
17th Joel
17th Tony "Temujin"
17th Freddy Loco
17th Arcade Kid
17th Chun
17th DarkDragon
17th Hugolizard
25th Chris
25th Wb!
25th Goya
25th Mike L
25th YellowS4
25th CB
25th Juice
25th FlashMetroid
33rd Mike
33rd Mo
33rd DanMan
33rd Warren
33rd Sam
33rd Johnson
33rd Bum
33rd Daniel
33rd Lars "JD"
33rd Alfred
33rd PatL
33rd Veasna "heero"
33rd Yang
33rd Dice01
33rd g3nn
33rd King
49th Fareed
49th Hiyen (sp)
49th Shankar
49th Geese
49th Marc "CoveGuy"
49th Gordon "TigerLee"
49th Joseph Q
49th Alex
49th James “Korea”

Tekken 5 - 33 entrants

1st Neo Russell (Kuma,Roger Jr, Lei)
2nd Moksungin (Law,Nina,Devil Jin)
3rd Blood Red (Lei)
4th The Game (Law, Devil Jin, Heiachi)
5th Barry (Raven)
5th LD Dave (Steve, Devil Jin)
7th Nash (Kazuya, Julia, Marduk)
7th Lawrence (Nina, Anna)
9th Hamstar (Steve)
9th Jinx (Julia)
9th Trevor (Steve, Nina)
9th Mahir (Steve, Devil Jin)
13th Honkey #1 (Heiachi, Devil Jin)
13th Justin Wong (Feng, Nina)
13th Manhee (Lei, Feng)
13th Juice (Heiachi)
17th Potatobrain (Yoshimitsu)
17th Success (Lee)
17th Mr Tee (King, Marduk)
17th Sazabi (Devil Jin, Ganryu, Raven)
17th Arutro (Jack 5)
17th Andytekken (Ling, Beak)
17th Endy (Lei)
17th PLA (Feng, Lei)
17th Shyft (Paul, Devil Jin)
25th Shankar (Feng)
25th Nima (King)
25th Herny (Marduk)
25th Estyles (Dragunov, Lili)
25th Majirelli (Brian)
25th Family Man (King)
25th Goya (Heiachi, Brian)
25th Turn Waster (Law)
25th Suk911 (Asuka)

5v5 Results


Empire wins 13-9

Samnang (1-4 / defeats Arturo)
JS Master (3-2 / defeats Flash Metroid, Arturo, The Game)
Gerjay 1-4 / defeats Arturo)
g3nn (2-3 / defeats Arturo, The Game)
Jiggabry (2-3 / Arturo, The Game)

Alpha 3

Empire wins 13-8

Veasna (2-3 / defeats Jeron, Flash Metroid)
Mao (3-2 / defeats Jeron, Prez, Flash Metroid)
Temujin (1-4 / defeats Flash Metroid)
Super Ass Rider (2-3 / Flash Metroid, Justin Wong)
CB (2-3 / defeats Prez, Flash Metroid)

3rd Strike

Canada wins 13-2

AdamB (4-1 / defeats Q, Jeron, Triforce, Justin Wong)
Dickson (5-0 / defeats Q, Jeron, Arturo, Triforce, Justin Wong)
Burton (4-1 / defeats Q, Jeron, Arturo, Triforce)
Don (3-2 / defeats Q, Jeron, Triforce)
Antoine (4-1 / defeats Q, Jeron, Arturo, Triforce)


Canada wins 13 - 5

Rami (5-0 / defeats Sabin, Blood Red, Justin Wong, Uber Jae, The Game)
Mahir (3-2 / defeats Sabin, Uber Jae, The Game)
Lawrence (3-2 / defeats Sabin, Uber Jae, The Game)
Neo Russel (5-0 / defeats Sabin Blood Red, Justin Wong, Uber Jae, The Game)
Trev (2-3 / defeats Blood Red, Uber Jae)


Empire wins 13-12

Poke Guy (1-4, beat TFGM, lost to Arturo, Jeron, Flash, JWong)
Arcade Legend (2-3, beat TFGM, Jeron?, lost to Arturo, Flash, JWong)
Noodle Man (3-2, beat TFGM, Jeron, Flash, lost to Arturo, JWong)
Flight Wing (2-3, beat TFGM, Jeron, lost to Arturo, Flash, JWong)
Js Master (4-1, beat TFGM, Arturo, Jeron, Flash, lost to JWong)


CoveGuy: Thanks for sticking around the whole weekend to help run 3s singles & teams, as well as fixing the sticks even though you don’t work there anymore.

Nagata: Thaks for helping me get things moving behind the scenes with management and running cvs2 singles & teams as well as recording some matches.

Cryus: Thanks for helping out with cvs2 teams and singles. You did really good for your 1st massive tourny.

KingOfNaboo: This man here is responsible for creating the pre-registraion website, ran 3s singles when marc had to leave and also provided a great deal of experience and support to help make T7 sick as hell. Props.

TFGM: Thanks for lending your support and bringing in your army and MTV. Alot of the players at T7 will remember many good things about it thanks to your support.

Hamstar: Thanks for Taking care of all the tekken games and for helping us push on with management.

Shyft: Good to meet you man. Thanks for Helping out with tekken registration and getting Tekken tag moving with such tight circumstances.

Dogberr/PsychoChronic/Temujin: Thanks for helping out with registration and running the side tournaments.

JJ-Tactics/Crazy-J: Thanks for comming all the way from Alberta to represent. Your skills in marvel are top without question.

Flash Metroid: Props goes to you for being the one of the few american players who decided to give Canada a chance. Alot of the players here learned quite a bit watching/playing you.

Roc: thanks for owning that orbit worker. Highlight of the day.

Awesome tournment. Way better than last year. Ya canada niggas are cool. As of 5:19 am we are back in this damn american country lol. Thanks for the money games. Psp tekken dr is broken but ill still made my money. I’m so fuckin done. I can’t sleep on this party bus

lol, another “donate money to Justin” tournament. Somebody could have beaten the kid in something, seriously. Especially in Alpha 3, give me a break, he doesn’t play that game at all. I would talk shit about winning ST if i went, but seeing all the money that Justin would have still won otherwise, I don’t think it’s going to matter.

When are we going to stop pussyfooting around and choking when we play Justin? The kid is good, but he’s not THE BEST besides MvC2, yet everybody pisses their pants when they play him in ANY game. Time to stop crying and start BEATING him.

Smoothcat, good shit. When you get home I’m going to have a talk with you and at EVO Justin is finally going to get knocked down a peg.

actually, he was pretty much running things after 1st round and i just helped out here and there located ppl who went mia. my thanks go to ryan and will for helping me w/ that. as per usual, my throat suffered b/c of a T tournament, but always fun.

i believe an investment into a speakerphone should be considered

DD: everyone who participated in T7 owes you mad props and many buckets of fried chicken. tournament was great.

My team is missing from 3S 3v3 Teams. So let me bitch about the way 3S was run…


i wrote it down in the results
stephen simply forgot how to type it in :stuck_out_tongue:

btw, if anyone found a black leather folder, please tell me (stephen, it might be in your bag. pls check)


I OCV’d a team. That shit better be down somewhere. AUTOSPOT!

Team Hate/TGA is comin up!!! Wait till next year when I go :lovin: :arazz: :rock:

i thought i went 3-2 on the CvS2 5 on 5…iirc I only lost to Arturo and JWong

Glad to hear Team Hate’s doing the damn thang! Good shit Smoothcat!
Oh, DSP, check your pms

Is there really only one guy on this team? WTF?!

Wow, 13-5?! Damn, Team Canada is a beast.

Just like last year’s results for MvC2. :lol:

GG’s to all

It was good to fnally meet you Flash Metroid, you mofo BEAST !!!

3s was one of the funniest shit in the world, hopefully they will air the 5v5 for 3s and the funny shit we were doing between matches, that was too funny

Team hate, jj and the empire crew all cool guys wen u talk to them … good shit yall

gj smoothcat

actually you didn’t…asshole. And yea, your folder should be in the staff area

gotta give props to Wing too for running CvS2 singles in Cyrus’s absense on Sat.

big ups for Smooth as well for teaching me secret anti-k-groove tactics!

Tons of fun. Congrats to all who were involved.

Eric’s hair > Justin’s hair, for the record.

just talked to Ian, updated CvS 5v5 Results, i’m pretty sure here’s the break down:


Empire’s order was TFGM, Arturo, Jeron, Flash, JWong
Team Canada’s order was Poke Guy, Arcade Legend, Noodleman, Flightwing, JS

Empire wins 13-12
*Need more info on this for an update
Poke Guy (1-4, beat TFGM, lost to Arturo, Jeron, Flash, JWong)
Arcade Legend (2-3, beat TFGM, Jeron?, lost to Arturo, Flash, JWong)
Noodle Man (3-2, beat TFGM, Jeron, Flash, lost to Arturo, JWong)
Flight Wing (2-3, beat TFGM, Jeron, lost to Arturo, Flash, JWong)
Js Master (4-1, beat TFGM, Arturo, Jeron, Flash, lost to JWong)

Things to note:

Since the event was delayed til end of sunday and people had to leave, the following players were replaced:

Team Empire:
-Prez was replaced by TFGM
-Ricky was replaced by Jeron/Flash (not sure), since Ricky couldn’t make it.

Team Canada:
-Ratio1Beatdown, Vesna, FreddyLoco were replaced by Poke Guy, Arcade Legend and myself.

Gotta give big props for TFGM for stepping up to replace missing players for the 5v5, even though we owned him pretty badly. Great show of sportsmanship that one would expect from the Emperor of Arcadia.

congrats to eric for comin 3rd,
nagata for coming 7th
n pui for coming first in gg,

couldnt make it , was stuck doing shit. , :arazz:

oh. lol. srry then. my apologies to team waterloo

mythicExile = [c] the biggest lie

[c] the biggest lie says (12:54 PM):
who is triforce
[c] the biggest lie says (12:54 PM):
i never asociated aface with tf
Noodleman says (12:55 PM):
Noodleman says (12:55 PM):
how could you have missed tri-force?!?
[c] the biggest lie says (12:55 PM):
what did he look like
Noodleman says (12:55 PM):
he was the only one there with a power glove
[c] the biggest lie says (12:55 PM):
omg not the asian guy right
Noodleman says (12:55 PM):