Full Transcript of SFA3M Endings for Ingrid, Yun, Maki and Eagle + Cammy's from SFA2G

Below is a full transcript of Ingrid’s, Yun’s, Maki’s and Eagle’s bios, win quotes, conversations, and endings from SFA3 Max for the PSP. These were transcribed by N64MARIO84 from youtube (he does not have an account here). He also posted a video of Ingrid’s ending [media=youtube]-6cCn3Xsm5g[/media] As an added bonus I recently transcribed Cammy’s win quotes, conversations and ending SFA2G from the SFA Anthology for the PS2. Cammy did not have an ending etc. in the PS1 and Saturn verison, enjoy. I have to seperate them as 2 seperate posts b/c it is too long.


Personal Data:
Height: 6.0ft.
Weight: 165lbs.
Blood Type: AB

Three Sizes:
B 3.4ft.
W 2.6ft.
H 2.8ft.
From: Britain

Story: Eagle, a bouncer from England who is a master of Bojutsu.
He craves to experience all of the fighting arts.
His desire for the perfect duel has set his eyes on the world.

Background Stage: Birdies

Win Quotes:

- At last I meet someone who exceeds my expectations.
- You should figure out why you're fighting beforehand!
- Respect comes first. Victory and defeat are afterthoughts.
- I can't be complacent with opponents of this calibur.
- Do you see it yet? Your weakness and lack of skill?
- Sore losers should take a hike... This is a battle.
- How discouraging... It was such a messy ending.
- That was great! It definately cheered me up!

Vs. Guile:

- Eagle:	You're Guile! The bravest man in
		the Air Force. I've heard of ya!
		Care to dance with me? It'd be
		an awesome battle for sure!
- Guile:	...I'm on a mission.
		I have no time to play games.
- Eagle:	Really? It looks like you are
		moving into a battle stance.
- Guile:	Not going to listen to me?
		Alright then! Let's go!

Guile Defeated:

- Eagle:	That battle had a real sense of
		tension. I should thank you...
		But what is this mission that
		you were talking about?
- Guile:	Rumor has it Sagat has joined a
		narcotics ring called Shadowloo.
		I wanted to confirm the rumor,
		and take him down if I had to.
- Eagle:	Sagat! How long has it been
		since I've heard that name?!
		Interesting... Maybe I'll try
		tracking him down myself!

Vs. Sagat:

- Eagle:	It's been a long time... Sagat!
		You've got the same sharp stare.
		Just as I thought... You've
		always been someone else's goon!
- Sagat:	What are you talking about?!
- Eagle:	Is that all you've got to say?!
		Let's fight instead of a chat!
		The King of Muay Thai... Let's
		see if you can keep that title!

Sagat Defeated:

-*Apparently, there is no sequence here.*-
-*Eagle goes strait into his win quote.*-

Vs. M.Bison (Vega) - Balrog (M.Bison) Fight:

	-*M.Bison (Vega) floats behind Balrog (M.Bison),
  	apparently talking for him, for conversation.*-
- M.Bison:	You're the one who defeated
		I knew he was no king... Good
		bodyguards are hard to find!
- Eagle:	Who are you? Another loon
		bent on world domination?
		World domination is beneath me.
		Just like fighting you!
- M.Bison:	You still haven't figured it out
		yet... you're nothing to me!!
		I normally don't face trash like
		you! Let's finish this, Balrog!
	-*M.Bison (Vega) suddently dissappears,
	  leaving Balrog (M.Bison) to fight Eagle.*-

Balrog (M.Bison) Defeated:

-*Apparently, there is no sequence here.*-
-*Eagle goes strait to Final M.Bison (Vega).*-

Vs. Final M.Bison (Vega):

	-*Guile shows up behind Eagle.*-
- M.Bison:	This will be entertaining...
		You're stubborn, for trash...
- Guile:	Bison...!
		I'll finish you!
		I don't deal well with
		debts! Get out of my way!
- Eagle:	I'm not going to get in your
		way, but I have a favor to ask...
		Let me take down Bison! I want
		to see his "all-powerful" moves!
- M.Bison:	Decide who will die first? A
		fitting end to your nightmare...
	-*Guile walks away from the scene.*-

Final M.Bison (Vega) Defeated - Ending:

	-*M.Bison is in a dizzy state.*-
- Eagle:	Don't expect Sagat, or any of
		your other goons to save you!!

	-*M.Bison suddenly falls flat to the ground.*-
	-*Guile joins Eagle from behind, soon after.*-
- Guile:	You defeated him...?
		That was pretty quick.
		It seems you weren't in my
		way after all... I'm sorry.

- Eagle:	Don't worry about it.

- Guile:	I've got one more mission
		left... You want to come?

	-*An underground base is seen from above.*-
- Guile:	This is Shadowloo's underground
		I believe my friend Charlie is
		being held in captivity here.

	-*Charlie (Nash) is shown, floating
	  inside the Psycho Drive chamber.*-
	-*Guile & Eagle walk in, soon after.*-
- Guile:	Charlie! Are you OK?
		I'm gonna get you out of there!
		...? What was that shaking?

	-*The Psycho Drive statue is shown from outside.
	  Explosions appear, ripping the skin off it's
	  face, revealing a metallic like evil face.*-

	-*The camera moves back, showing a red BG, with
	  the Psycho Drive statue coming alive in the

	-*A close-up scene of the Psycho Drive's face
	  is shown, powering itself up.*-

	-*The camera moves back out to the red BG again,
	  with the Psycho Drive statue shooting out a huge
	  beam toward the sky, landing strait on M.Bison.*-

- M.Bison:	Muhahahahahah!!

	-*M.Bison is smiling, close-up on the screen.*-
- M.Bison:	I am reborn! Your lives will
		be power for my Psycho Drive!
		Weaklings! Tremble with fear!
		Your energy will be mine!

	-*Back in the Psycho Drive, Charlie
	  (Nash) is in a dizzy state. Guile &
	  Eagle are still standing beside each
	  other, facing Charlie, who is still
	  inside the Psycho Drive chamber.*-
- Charlie:	Gu!.... GUILE!
		Hurry! Destroy this thing before
		he snatches away the energy!

	-*Eagle walks on to the Psycho Drive,
	  then faces Guile.*-
- Eagle:	Guile, before you go, will you
		help me with one last thing?
		Let's rid the world of this
		infernal machine!

	-*Eagle spins around, holding out his
	  sticks. Explosions start appearing
	  randomly around the machine.*-
	-*Eagle stops spinning, then finishes
	  it off with a grand finale super move.
	  Eagle holds his stick up in the air.*-

	-*An opened up underground base is seen
	  from above, with a green light beam,
	  shooting upward in the air. The green
	  light hits a satellite, and reflects
	  off of it, making the light shoot down
	  at the planet, thus hitting M.Bison.*-

	-*M.Bison is shown in a dizzy state, with
	  the green light hitting strait on him.*-
- M.Bison:	Noooooooooo! This energy...?!
		What's going on!?

	-*M.Bison looks mad, close-up on the screen.*-

	-*Moments later, M.Bison is shown getting
	  destroyed by flames, starting at the head.*-
- M.Bison:	This...!?
		This wasn't supposed to happen!

	-*M.Bison is shown getting blown up.*-
- M.Bison:	Arrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh!!!

	-*Eagle is shown facing Guile & Charlie,
	  together on M.Bisons dark skull stage.*-
- Guile:	Desposing of Bison has made
		the world a better place...
		Sorry I dragged into all of
		this. You were a great help.

- Eagle:	There is no need to thank me.
		I love exciting battles!
		If we ever meet again, we'll
		have to have another party!
		My commrades in arms.

	-*Screen fades out to a black screen,
	  here's some words from the narrator.*-
- (Narrator):	Fiery battle. Exciting climax.
		Joyous victory. Isn't it great!?

	-*Eagle's win portait is shown. The End.*-



Personal Data:
Height: 5.0ft.
Weight: 85lbs.
Blood Type: ?

Three Sizes:
B 2.6Ft.
W 1.8Ft.
H 2.6Ft.
From: ?

Story: Ingrid. A white haired beauty clad in a myserious aura.
She is in a hurry… She has a problem that must be fixed fast.
She is dashing towards the dark ominous clouds covering Earth,
“I’ve got to get it back before something terrible happens!”

Background Stage: varies

Win Quotes:

- Aww... too tough? You should go home. It's alright to cry.
- I'm going to tickle you now... You ready? Tickle. Tickle.
- That wasn't exciting at all! I can't believe this is the end!
- Ha ha ha ha ha! You got the short end of the stick in that fight.
- Hmm.... Not too bad. You should take that as a compliment.
- You'll have to excuse me... After all, this is just work...
- I know everyting you are going to do, even before you do.
- Oh my... that was too boring! Now what am I supposed to do?

Vs. Evil Ryu:

- Evil Ryu:	"Destruction... I'll destroy
		anything and everything!"
- Ingrid: 	And Just what did you expect
		to happen here?
		Where did you get that power?
		It is beyond your control.
- Evil Ryu:	"Silence!! Prepare to meet
		your utter destruction!"
- Ingrid:	I guess you I no choice but to
		teach you a lesson...

Evil Ryu Defeated:

- Ryu (Normal): Unghh... Huh?!
		Wha... Where am I?
		You... you saved me...
		Thank you.
- Ingrid:	It seems someone was controlling
		you like an evil puppet.
		Do you have any idea who it is?
		An evil like that is dangerous.
- Ryu:		Yes... something strange
		happened after I met Bison.
- Ingrid:	Bison?! I was told to look out
		for him.
		I bet he's the one using that
		piece for his own purposes.
		Farewell Ryu.  Good luck in
		your pursuit of knowledge.
- Ryu:		What?! You know who I am?!
		How do you know so much?!

Vs. Rose:

- Rose:		I can't see your future, or your
		past. All I see is a white hare.
		Who are you?
		And why are you after Bison?
- Ingrid:	You have the power to read the
		streams of time, don't you?
		If that is the case then wake up!
		The power he holds is dangerous.
		That power has always been mine.
		I have to get it back!
- Rose:		That power is yours...? We'll
		just have to see about that!
		My mission is to seal his power
		away forever! Stand aside!

Rose Defeated:

- Ingrid:	You shouldn't worry. We'll keep
		that power in our custedy.
		It shouldn't take me more than
		15 minutes to get rid of Bison.
		So don't worry, Rose.  You
		can enjoy yourself now.
- Rose:		Who... who are you? I still
		can't see what's in your future.
- Ingrid:	Remember me as a messanger from
		the stars... Farewell, Rose.

Vs. Final M.Bison (Vega):

- Ingrid:	That uniform... and that twisted
		face! There's no mistaking him!
		Bison!! I'm going to seal away
		your Psycho Power forever!
		So return that power now! You
		can't just take what you please!
- M.Bison:	You! Your seal! Your fate is
		linked to the Psycho Drive!
- Ingrid:	Psycho... what? You're even
		given it a ridiculous name!
		You can never master that power!
		Return it before you get hurt!
- M.Bison:	Haha.. who do you think you are?
		You've just sealed your fate!
		There won't be a trace left
		after you meet my Psycho Power!
- Ingrid:	Your power!?!? Is there
		no limit to your shamelessness?

Final M.Bison (Vega) Defeated - Ending:

	-*Ingrid walks towards M.Bison.*-
- Ingrid:	Done and done!
		You can give it back to me now!

- M.Bison:	Arrgghhh! How did you track me
	 	down all the way here!?
		I'll never give up my power!
		I'll never give up Psycho Drive!

- Ingrid:	How many times do I have to say
		it? It has always been my power!

	-*M.Bison starts flying off up into the air.*-

- Ingrid:	... There sure is no reasoning
		with him, is there?
	-*Ingrid jumps left, off of the screen*-
	-*Rose appears from the right, moments later.*-
- Rose:		The power... It's gathering! An
		unbelievably sinister energy...
		What are you going to do? This
		is critical!!

	-*A Red BG is seen, with the Psycho Drive
	 statue far away, coming alive, absorbing
	 some round fireball object that is flying
	 toward it, assuming this is M.Bison.*-

	-*M.Bison appears in the Psycho Drive.*-
	-*Ingrid appears from the left, moments later.*-
- M.Bison:	Hahahaha!
		You're too late!
		Human hatred and fear all feed
		into my Psycho Drive!
		I'll never stop receiving this
		limitless and never-ending evil!
		I have conquered death!
		No one can threaten me now!!

- Ingrid:	...say what you like! I show you
		the very end of life itself! 

	-*M.Bison unleashes his special move,
	  the Psycho Crusher, against Ingrid.*-
- M.Bison:	Is that a last request!?!

	-*Ingrid finishes M.Bison with a critical
	  Sun type sealing move, filled with
	  electrical blue lightning effects.*-
- M.Bison:	Huh!?
		This can't be...

	-*M.Bison is shown getting destroyed
	  by flames, starting at the head.*-
- M.Bison:	How can this be! I can never
		be defeated! Impossible!!!!!!!

	-*M.Bison is shown getting blown up.*-

- Ingrid:	The catalyst you used was too
		strong for a machine like that!

	-*Ingrid jumps into the Psycho Drive.*-
- Ingrid:	This power has always been mine.
		No ordinary human can control it!
		I've spent too much time on this
		one! Time to get back to work!
		While I'm at it, I'll get rid of
		this terrible machine as well!

	-*Ingrid flies off, out of the Psycho Drive.
	  The Psycho Drive statue starts flying off
	  from the red background.*-

	-*Rose appears, still standing on
	  M.Bisons dark skull stage.*-
- Rose:		Bison's power is extinguised.
		It's finally over now...
		But I still have no idea who
		that girl really was...

	-*The Psycho Drive statue flies in the air,
	  Ingrid appears sitting down, legs crossed,
	  reading a small book.*-
- Ingrid:	Let's see... next up is the year
		201X, and I'll be up against...
		What!? That monk who just passed
		by!? ... Wasn't that Ryu!?
		He sure is up to something
		interesting now! Hahahahaha!

	-*Ingrid dissapears, & the Psycho Drive
	  statue flies off the screen.*-

	-*Screen fades out to a black screen,
	  here's some words from the narrator.*-
- (Narrator):	Shadowloo is destroyed... and it's
		leader M.Bison has vanished...
		...an has Ingrid, the Psycho
		Drive power back in her hands.

	-*Ingrid's win portait is shown. The End.*-



Personal Data:
Height: 5.5ft.
Weight: 115lbs.
Blood Type: B

Three Sizes:
B 2.8ft.
W 2.0ft.
H 2.9ft.
From: Japan

Story: Maki… a modern ninja and master of the art of Bushin.
She has traveled the world to find Guy. Her fellow student.
She must determine if she is the true successor to Bushin Style!

Background Stage: Guys

Win Quotes:

- C'mon! Try again! ...I'm still going to dodge it all!
- Don't regret loosing at all... I wasn't really trying...
- Hey! Don't worry about it! You know... being weak and all!
- Yep! Mr. Runner-Up! I'll fight you if we ever meet again.
- Have you heard of this style? It's called Bushin Style.
- Huh? You want some more? Sigh. I'm tired of the same goons.
- Hahaha! You fought harder than I expected.
- Yep! That's the end of it!

Vs. Sakura:

- Sakura:	My next opponent... It looks like
		she's got a strong weapon!
		I wonder if she's one of those
		female gangsters?
- Maki:		You're pretty brave to be
		speaking to me like that!
		Weapons are a perfect accessory
		for battle... let's finish this!

Sakura Defeated:

- Maki:		Whew! You really fight hard!
		You handled my moves well.
- Sakura:	Yea. You use the same move as
		someone I fought before... Guy.
- Maki:		GUY?! You fought with Guy!?
		Do you know where he is now!?
- Sakura:	Well... he said the next place
		he was going was...

Vs. Guy:

- Maki:		You! Wait!
		Well, well, Guy! I found you!
- Guy:		You... You are Maki.
- Maki:		Enough chatting! Who is the
		successor of the Bushin Style?
		Let's decide this here!
		Once and for all.
- Guy:		Beating you would mean nothing
		to me... It's to be expected...

Guy Defeated:

- Maki:		You... You can't be serious!?
		Why would it be expected!?
- Guy:		Because there is no way I can
		lose when evil is on the loose!
		Therefore, I don't have time
		for trivial things like this.
- Maki:		Hmmm... I suppose that is a
		pretty good excuse.
		So I will go and put
		an end to this evil...
		But when I'm done, there's still
		one more fight! Don't forget it!

Vs. Final M.Bison (Vega):

- M.Bison:	Haha! A mind full of memories.
		Come to stop my ambitions...?
- Maki:		I don't know why, but you're
		causing a lot of trouble!
		I hate to rain on your parade
		but it's time to taste defeat!
- M.Bison:	Hahaha. Wait a few more minutes!
		The fun is just about to begin!
		Until now it's been a parade of
		weaklings! This'll be wonderful!

Final M.Bison (Vega) Defeated - Ending:

	-*M.Bison is in a dizzy state.*-
- M.Bison:	Noooooo...!
		I wasn't ready...!

	-*Maki goes into an up-right pose.*-
- Maki:		For being "The Power of Evil
		Incarnate." that was pretty quick!
		With you out of the way, now I
		can take on Guy and settle this!
		You should learn from this
		experience and forsake evil!

	-*M.Bison looks mad, close-up on the screen.*-
- M.Bison:	Ahh. I got carried away thinking
		you were just a little girl!
		I'll never forsake this power!
		Your life is mine!

	-*M.Bison throws a Psycho Shot toward Maki.*-
	-*Maki gets hit by the Psycho Shot, and falls.*-
- Maki:		Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?

	-*Maki is in a dizzy state from Psycho Shot.*-
- M.Bison:	You're finished....!!

	-*M.Bison unleashes his special move,
	  the Psycho Crusher, against Maki.....*-
	-*Guy appears, while M.Bison is still flying
	  through during his Psycho Crusher move. Guy
	  apparently stops M.Bison's Psycho Crusher.*-

- Guy:		In the name of Bushin, I shall
		vanquish all who disturb peace!

	-*Guy unleashes his ultimate super
	  combo move against M.Bison.*-
	-*Flashing lights occur while Guy attacks
	  M.Bison with his super combo move.*-
	-*A sudden pause happens, with black shadows
	  of Guy and M.Bison shown. Guy screams out
	  his ultimate Bushin attack.*-


	-*Flashing lights resume, while Guy is
	  attacking M.Bison with his super move.*-

	-*M.Bison is shown getting destroyed
	  by flames, starting at the head.*-
- M.Bison:	You....you!
		Bu..bu..bu...BUSHIN STYLE!?

	-*M.Bison is shown getting blown up.*-
- M.Bison:	Ggggahhhhh!

	-*Maki and Guy are shown together.*-
- Maki:		That was too close! Definately
		a dangerous encounter.

	-*Maki walks toward Guy.*-
- Guy:		What are you doing? You're
		getting in the way here!
		If you're trying to help me,
		stop! I don't need your help!

	-*Maki goes into an up-right pouting pose.*-
- Maki:		.......Hmph.
		What a disappointment.
		You may have gotten the best
		of me this time...

	-*Maki goes back into her fighting pose.*-
- Maki:		But the next time we meet, we'll
		put this to rest. OK Guy?

- Guy:		.... Agreed.

	-*Guy runs off to the right.*-
- Maki:		It's a shame, but this time
		he had more power than I did.
		However, next time we meet,
		I'll show him a thing or two!!

	-*Maki starts running off to the left.*-
- Maki:		The true successor to the
		throne of Bushin is... ME!

		-*Screen fades to black.*-	
	-*Maki's win portait is shown. The End.*-

Part 2


Personal Data:
Height: 5.6ft.
Weight: 137lbs.
Blood Type: B

Three Sizes:
B 3.3ft.
W 2.4ft.
H 2.8ft.
From: Hong Kong

Story: Yun and Yang, Kung-Fu brothers from the streets of Hong Kong.
One day the two heard a rumor about Hong Kong star Fei-Long.
“He’s mixed up with some drug dealers!” If that’s true…
They left the streets to find the truth about Fei-Long.

Background Stage: Fei-Longs

Win Quotes:

- Wasn't it clear that you were beat even before we started?!
- Next time you pick a fight, be more careful who you choose!
- This is how things usually work out! Where's your arrogance now?
- Honor!? Nope. Just the taste of some Hong Kong Kung-Fu!
- You give up!? You couldn't hold out even a bit longer?
- Maybe you should ask for divine intervention...?
- Been too busy to prepare I see...
- This is how it's done!

Vs. DeeJay:

- DeeJay:	Hey, boys!
		You got any business with Dee Jay?
- Yun:		You!
		Didn't you work with Fei-Long?
		So you know him!?
		You know where he is!?
- DeeJay:	Cool down!
		Don't be in a hurry!
		You gotta lay down the rhythm
		before the words! Let's rumble!

DeeJay Defeated:

- DeeJay:	You're strong!
		I'm the loser, man!
		Why are you chasin' Fei-Long?
		C'mon boys! Tell me!
- Yun:		We heard a suspicious rumor
		that he's in with drug dealers!
- DeeJay:	Fei-Long is a nice guy! There
		is no way he is a criminal!
		I don't know where he is now...
		but I do know where he's going!
		He's off to a place where strong
		fighter's gather. You know where!

Vs. Fei-Long:

- Yun:		I found you... Fei-Long!
		This is where you practice!
		We knew you'd come back here!
- Fei-Long:	What do you want? I suppose
		you're members of Shadowloo!
- Yun:		Huh? Before you start spouting
		off accusations, let's fight!
		I'm not going to my waste time
		asking a coward questions!
- Fei-Long:	This is a misunderstanding...
		But fine! Let's fight!
		You have no business sticking
		your nose into my work!

Fei-Long Defeated:

- Yun:		I don't get it... there's
		nothing in your hands!
		What kind of connection to
		drugs are they talking about?
- Fei-Long: 	It is true that there were
		drug dealers in my offices.
		I didn't know about them... it
		was a group behind the scenes.
		I went out along to find the
		truth and chase down Shadowloo.
- Yun:		I can tell you aren't lying
		just by looking into your eyes.
		If that's the truth, then I
		have nothing left to say...
		Hong Kong is our town. We can't
		forgive criminals ruining it!
- Fei-Long:	We have the same spirit. Let's
		fight this battle together!

Vs. M.Bison (Vega) - Team Juni/Juli Fight:

	-*Fei-Long stands behind Yun.*-
	-*Balrog (M.Bison) stands behind Juni/Juli.*-
	-*Yun & Fei-Long talk to each other,
	  while facing at their opponents.*-
- Fei-Long:	...! It seems they have
		detected our movements!
		I'll knock out the bouncer! You
		go fight the female soldiers!
- Yun:		Hey Hey! I can handle these
		guys myself!
- Fei-Long:	I said we should work together!
		That means fight together too!
		Let's show these guys the real
		meaning of justice!
- Yun:		I'll make you even more famous!
		Let's make history!
	-*Both Fei-Long and Balrog (M.Bison)
	  jump off to their side of the screen.*-

Team Juni/Juli Defeated:

-*Apparently, there is no sequence here.*-
-*Yun goes strait to Final M.Bison (Vega).*-

Vs. Final M.Bison (Vega):

	-*Yun walks in, finding that M.Bison (Vega)
	  is standing on a defeated Fei-Long.*-
- Yun:		...!!
- M.Bison:	The perfect ending for a third
		rate actress like Fei-Long!
		C'mon kid...
		Finish him off for good!
		Finish him and join in the
		infinite power of Shadowloo!
- Yun:		Don't make me laugh, fool!
		Get away from Fei-Long!
		Prepare yourself! There won't be
		a trace of you left after this!
- M.Bison:	Fool! You should have accepted
		my gracious offer!
		Well, I guess I'll have to ask
		you to leave... this world!
	-*M.Bison (Vega) throws the defeated 
	 Fei-Long off from the screen.*-

Final M.Bison (Vega) Defeated - Ending:

	-*M.Bison is in a dizzy state.*-
	-*Yun, standing in front of M.Bison,
	  & Fei-Long stands behind him.*-
- Yun:		You used up all your luck
		when you crossed us mad!
		Alright! Fei-Long!
		Let's finish this!
		Let's go!

	-*M.Bison is hurled upward in the air by
	  Yun's upward kick & Fei-Long's rising
	  flaming kick.*-

	-*M.Bison looks mad, close-up on the screen.*-
- M.Bison:	Nooooooo!!
		I can't be defeated!!

	-*M.Bison is shown getting blown up.*-
- M.Bison:	Gaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh....!!

	-*Yun/Yang & Fei-Long are shown together.*-
- Fei-Long	....We took care of the leader
		of the narcotics ring.
		Yun. Yang... We took him out
		thanks to the two of you.

- Yun:		Huh? Really...?
		It was nothing...

- Fei-Long:	I would like to express my thanks.
		Is there anything I can do?

	-*Yun stands up-right, twirling his hat.*-
- Yun:		I see... well. how about giving
		us a part in one of your movies?
		Just once. we want to see what
		it is like to be movie stars!

	-*Screen fades out to a black screen,
	  here's some words from the narrator.*-
- (Narrator):	So it was decided that they'd
		star in Fei-Long's new movie.
		After many months of shooting,
		the movie wrapped successfully.

	-*M.Bison suddenly appears, inside the
	  Psycho Drive, smiling at the camera.*-
- M.Bison:	Muhahahaha!
		My Psycho Power is immortal!
		Thanks to the Psycho Drive,
		I am reborn!

	-*Charlie (Nash) is seen flying in his jet.*-
- Charlie:	It's a ghost...! There's no
		other way! It's impossible!
		We have no choice but to use the
		Harrier to bomb that base!

	-*Chun-Li is shown, monitoring the controls.*-
- Chun-Li:	You have to wait! Yun and
		Yang are still down there!
		If these two are down there,
		they'll surely finish off Bison!

	-*Charlie (Nash) is seen flying in his jet.*-
- Charlie:	Understood. Aborting attack.
		It's up to you two... Yun. Yang.

	-*M.Bison & Yun are shown, facing each
	  other, inside the Psycho Drive.*-
- Yun:		BISON... This is the end of the
		line for you and your schemes!

	-*Yun strikes a Kng-Fu fighting pose.*-
- Yun:		It's time to reap what you sow!

	-*Yun jumps in the air, and jump kicks
	  M.Bison. Yang jumps down behind M.Bison,
	  then Yun/Yang unleashes their ultimate
	  super move attack on M.Bison, finishing
	  him off with a team double jump kick.*-

	-*M.Bison is shown getting destroyed
	  by flames, starting at the head.*-
- M.Bison:	Nooooooo!!! It can't be...!!
		I can't be defeated.......!!

	-*M.Bison is shown getting blown up.*-
- M.Bison:	Arrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhh!!

	-*Yun/Yang are shown together as a win portrait,
	  with a red exploding BG effect behind them.*-
- Yun/Yang:	Now how about that!
		Our Kung-Fu is invincible!

	-*Yun/Yang's Chinese insignia appears.
	  Yun/Yang's portraits fade out to gray,
	  while their insignia is displayed.
	  Here's some words from the narrator.*-	
- (Narrator):	And so, Yun and Yang's film
		"Street King 2: Three Dragons"
		became an enormous box office
		smash hit!
		Their exploits can be seen any
		time calamity hits the streets!

		-*Screen fades to black.*-
	-*Yun's win portait is shown. The End

Cammy’s from SFA2G

Win Quotes
Fighting data retrieved successfully!
Data evaluated! Target exhibited zero capability. Terminating
Mission Complete! Standing by for the next command!
Target Destroyed! Remaining in secondary command mode!

Mid-Boss Conversation
Rose: I feel it Your confusion Your anguish
You possess the psycho power. The antithesis of my Soul Power!
Cammy: There is nothing causing me anguish Who are you
Rose: It doesnt matter Its my fate to fight you boss. Its time for your eternal slumber!

Boss Conversation
Cammy: Fighting Winning Everything else is secondary
I always believed that Until now. Now I want to know who I am and why I fight!
M. Bison: Hmph Youve exceeded our expectations. Learned beyond our capacity to control you
Its time to reset you! I have no need for a free-thinker. I only need you to obey me!


  • there is a picture of Cammy in the background with the following text


Suddenly Cammy is hit in the head by a bolt of electric current. Bison stands up, with the gloating smile of matchless evil.

Cammy You were never meant to be this powerful. Time to use the Psycho Limiter we placed inside you

Everything is wrapped in a white light. This meeting Her recovered memories. Cammy gets a new memory implant recovered from the Shadaloo base, finally knowing her true power as an assassin

This experiment has truly succecced expectations. Begin M Project release preparation. Muhaha!! She could destroy an entire country alone!

Wow, thanks a lot it’s been a while since I wanted those transcripts. thanks a lot.

Ingrid VS Ryu in 201X? Hm… Interesting tidbit.

wtf ryu vs ingrid in the future…sf4 maybe?