Fullerton/Anaheim Mvc2

Is there any place to play in this area with good competition? I feel like playing, but Regency is too far for me.

yes, there is a place, on the border of fullerton and anaheim actually, and the greatest play to play marvel in the orange county.

I went to camelot. Nobody plays there.

camelot? camelot?! You just failed the test. “Be Gone!”

Some pretty good people hit up Cameron’s/Alex’s Arcade.

Where is that at?

McFadden & Harbor across McDonalds
Santa Ana

Lots of good players go there u should try it.
Ill say from 7pm-close…

Ok. I’ll drop by some time. You guys only play on the weekends?

I see what you did there. And yes, this place DOES exist. ONLY the selected few know about this (Wes, evilj, myself, Khaos). Get at me CSUN

f*ck you hernin and your secret spot =/

Anybody wanna play console tonight? I live in Placentia off Chapman exit from the 57

I’m down I guess. Xbox, PS3, or DC?

I’m down I guess. Xbox 360, PS3, or DC?

damn my bad I missed your reply. I have a DC and 1 stick. You have one for dc?

Anyone down for console around 11ish tonight?! Hit me up! my aim is cnxrurouni

Oh shit, next to the 2nd secret location of where to eat to level up your marvel game…