Fullerton Casuals MvC3

Just wanted to know if anyone is in the fullerton area to play some marvel on Tuesdays. Only have 1 setup 32inch hdtv on a ps3, also i have 2 sticks.

Please reply to this thread i just want to know of any players around psn lags way to much and its just stupid would love to have casuals :]

I would be interested in so… Thursday is better for me but ill see if i can tuesdays

Around what streets is this spot at? I’m down for some casual mvc3. Only problem is Im usually working during the afternoons, and nights.

the streets are gilbert and inbetween commonwealth and valencia… closer towards buena park and thursdays i work 5pm - 2am so yea… off days are tues and fridays just let me know guys.

lol trying to host some casuals… nice. AE too maybe?

I dnt have a set schedule, so off days are pretty random for me until the semester starts again. I’m not too far from Gilbert and commonwealth though, I usually kick it around Dale and la Palma, so if I ever get a Tuesday or Friday off I’ll post here

haha YEEEEEE tryin to get some casuals goin calvin but ionno haha and for AE if people wanna play AE u should come for that hahah im nowhere near confident enough to play it in casuals haha.

ill be down fridays is better for me than tuesdays but not for this month though, working all the fridays this month, i can try to make it out a tuesday casual

so this lan center nearby my house is owned by someone i knoe and he just got marvel with 2 new sticks so we can always play there too its just that its probably $2 and hour my phone number is 714 616 0992 just text me guys if u guys are down to play today or something its tuesday!! :]

you guys should check out Alexs arcade in Santa ana, it’s 1.50 per hour for mvc3 but 5 dollars for all day! thats right you can stay there til it closes which is around 2am on thursday. Thursdays is the best day to be here for mvc3/sf4/kof13 comp.

^ I’ve been there once for some mvc3. It’s kinda small, and it seems like it could get really crowded real fast. I didn’t know it closed at two though. My homie Rudy said he plays there occasionally and the comp is good, so I’ll probably show up for a Thursday night or something.

@coreana- I’ll probably shoot you a random txt if I get a Tuesday or Friday off for an hour or two of mahvel.

Do you know where it is or what it’s called?


theres 2 lan centers that have them one is on (gg pc) valencia and gilbert… the other on (gamespot) commonwealth and euclid… they are both $3 an hour and ggpc has new sticks so its pretty chill… btw clock ive seen u once before i wanted to play but couldnt would be awsome to play against u if possible :]

might check out the commonwealth one out tomorrow (thursday)


Anybody down for an hour or two of mvc3 this Friday (07/22)?

just wanted to post here again to see if people were still down for some casuals…

dude u gotta check here more often… clockwork wanted to play hahaha u would of got rapppppeeddddd

coreana lets play umvc3 at ggpc valencia/gilbert lan center i’ll be there around 6 - 630 anyone else that wants to join in come by :smiley:

where do you guys play at? excuse my ignorance, but what’s ggpc?

I go to CSUF, looking to level up my mvc3 game

Anybody still down to play some umvc3 around Fullerton? I’ve been to ggpc in on Valencia, they have a nice set up, but I can play anywhere. Just lemme know.