Fullerton Casuals MvC3

Im in Yorba Linda but its just a shot down the freeway. Use to live in DTF let me know times and we can set something up

hey guys going to host a umvc3 tournament at ggpc hopefully within the next couple months will update any kind of help is wanted :smiley:

Anyone in the Fullerton area still interested in playing some Marvel?? I live at Gilbert and Rosecrans so real close to where some of you guys talked about… but looks like that was last year haha. Hope to hear from you guys!

Hey! I’m actually from around fullerton area too (park jr high/shhs), but I moved to diamond bar few years back. This coming up saturday 9-29 I’m running a small casuals of UMVC3, P4U, TTT2, etc. from 3PM and on, PM me for details, if you want to come by!

hey!!! good to see that someone wants to lvl up!!! we’re actually still in fullerton and play whenever we can we usually go to a buddies house or play at a PC cafe center called GGPC on valencia dr. and commonwealth shoot me a txt if you’re interested :smiley: 714 365 6396

You guys still play? I work near by in Stanton and can cruz by after work during the week on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

If you guys are interested, CSUF has a fighting games club. We meet every Thursday on campus 4-11 pm

Been a while since anyone posted in here. Anyone in Fullerton still interested in some casuals?

You guys still play umvc3 in the fullerton area?

Not sure this thread has been pretty inactive but I am interested! We should get something organized.

for sure man…i mostly play on xbox live but i would realy like to level up my offline skills

Where do you guys meet? In the underground? I’ve always wondered if there was a fighting game club here…

Anybody wanna buy a brand new Hitbox arcade stick from me? I have one and never use it. So I’m selling for $125.00. I got it brand new for $159 + $20 for shipping, paid $179 for it. So It’s $50 reduced. call me or text if you’re interested, and we can meet up some place and trade. 951-710-7141

Again… if anyone is interested and knows of a place we can get some casuals in at then I’m interested! And where in CSUF do you guys play? Never been on the campus.

i guess we will never know = (

The club meets on Thursday from 4-10 in University Hall room 304 and also on Friday from 2-10 in the same building but room 203 or something. We mostly play AE but there are a few umvc3 setups.

Cool are the setups Xbox or PS3? I only have a PS3 stick :(. Twinchy you interested in making it out there sometime for some games? Although once again I only have a PS3 stick…

im down to check it out Dust…i dont own a stick though i play on xbox controller