Fullerton Help


Hello everyone,

I’m not to sure if this is the right place to post this thread but yeaaaa…
I’ve been playing ssf4 seriously for about a month now and I feel I am at a stand still. I want to get better but playing by myself or someone equally better doesn’t seem to be helping much. I would like some guidance from a better player just to help me with my general play of ssf4.

I tried going to nearby arcades to see if anyone can help make small talk but everyone at the arcades are FUCKIN good. Also the good only talk amongst themselves since i have no fucking clue what they are talkin about.

I live in Fullerton thats in Orange County. If there are any good players in the area that is willing to help please post something up or call me at 714)616-0992. We can just play ssf4 at my house and shiieeeeet. If I get good I would love to host casuals but until then!


dude i live in cerritos maybe we can arrange something


haha fshoo that would be pretty chill… just let me know when your free and stuff and maybe we can play… cerritos is hella close by.


You should go to Alex’s Arcade or the Legendary Lotus weeklies. Also there is a garden grove set of casuals going on on like tuesdays and stuff, so try to go there.

Pretty much just talk to people after the match. People are usually pretty friendly with SF4. At the worst they will just walk away with a disgusted look on their face. LOL.


HAHAHAH honestly i did go to the arcades… but these guys are just TOO good… tried talkin a lil but they did the wtf look at said go practice HAHAHA… i played a lot of matches at arcades and won i think 1 round of all matches haha bad trip… casuals are chill the one thats hosted on tues in garden grove is someone i knoe but hes really busy… was jus wonderin if there were people close by :]


well my bad i didn’t check back on this post but then i c ur on psn do you have an extra stick or do u use pad?


Come to Alex’s Arcade there’s all skill levels there and the people are cool as fuck.


wat time does alex arcade open and close today?


^^ opens 12PM closes at 11PM. Not alot of ppl will be there since everyone is going to a session at UCI. Im gonna start a club at cal state fullerton this coming semester. Hopefully we can get a weekly thing going there.


dude that sounds great i would be down to go to weekly sessions at csuf. Hopefully you can get it going!!


Come to AI so I can regard you with contempt.


Spaghetti Factory in Downtown Fullerton is sooo good. I order the extra hardey Vesuvius Spaghetti. Hmmmmm.


lol spaghetti factory is waaaack only cheese sticks there is daaaaank haha… anyways i have 2 sticks 1 ps3 small room i smoke in my room lets PLAY!! CMON!!! and seriously arcades make me nervous as FUCK because i suck hahaha and everyones jus watching and laughing shits like a hella ego killer when ur tryin to learn na wat im sayyyinnn? but u guys seem to live near fullerton so help a homie :]



Step out of your comfort zone. Everyone is really nice these days so mockery is kept to a minimum.


Hey guys, I go to CSUF as well. Is there anywhere closer than AI that has Arcade Edition? I really want to get my hands on yun/yang. I live in Mission Viejo.

EDIT: Looks like Super Arcade is fairly close, I might check that out sometime.


Super arcade does have it but then i heard that their system lags. I just got back from AI like 20 min ago. Round one is close to AI. If you really want to play AE round one and AI are your best bet. AI only charges a quarter and round one is 50 cents.