Fullscreen Borderless Window without modifying any files or using launch options (Autohotkey-script)

Hi. I made a simple autohotkey-script to toggle windowed borderless as other solutions didn’t work properly (launch options just didn’t work for some reason) and I’ve seen people have performance issues with other methods.

This method doesn’t change any gamefiles or anything, it just removes the borders and maximizes the window in windows, so if it works fine for you windowed then this shouldn’t cause any performance issues at all.

Run the script in the background and just press F11 while game is focused to switch between borderless and not borderless.

Before and After screenshots.

Link to pastebin with the script (Just save as a .ahk, anyone with autohotkey installed knows how to do this)
Link to .zip that includes a compiled .exe-file - If you don’t have autohotkey installed.

Anybody try this yet?