Fully understanding the piano method



Hi all, new Chun here. I decided I wanted to try a female character out and show some love to the women, and Chun is by far my favourite female character in terms of design and gameplay.

I jumped into training mode and did a couple of her BnBs and got some info on her lightning legs, I got through two reps of her leg loop but it didn’t feel like I was pianoing smartly if that makes sense? My hands didn’t feel precise, I feel like I just got lucky. I was hoping to better understand her piano and how it works through the forums. For instance if I piano too quickly and accidentally plink will that still count towards two inputs or will it count as one?

My current method is this, it isn’t very complicated and makes things much harder probably -
Cr.hp > hk > hk~mk~lk > hk

No plinks, which I need to implement. What I was hoping for was a large breakdown of the Lightning Legs from somebody, I’ve read through the LL Loop thread but it didn’t specify general uses for the move and how to build comfort in your execution/how to properly implement the move into your game. The only other piano character I’ve played was Decapre and I was still average at her piano attacks.

So in short to clear up the reason for me making a thread here - What are some methods to building comfort with pianoing and finding the “Perfect piano” for you, and what is the general synopsis and usages of the move itself?

Just trying to improve my Chun game, her neutral is fine but my damage output is lacking.


Go with what works for you, and the style that you find most comfortable.

In my years of playing as SF4 Chun, I’ve seen different people use different methods of getting leg loops. Ask five different people and you just might get five different answers, but they’ll all work. Some people piano. Other people use slide. I’ve seen people shift from piano to slide and vice versa, because it wasn’t work.

YT vids are you friends. Keep on searching, copying, and adjusting if the need be. IMO, there’s no right or no wrong way of doing it (unless you have butterfingers like me and manage to have accidental FADC’s while using the slide technique :3 )

Leg loops are nice, but they’re not an absolute must. If Infiltration showed us Chuns anything last year, you can get by with solid fundamentals and can win even without it.
But if you can do it/are willing to learn, and want the most bang for your buck as far as (normally) meterless damage goes, then nuts. :3