Fuming, electrocuted, raged



Ok please, I need anger management right now. Somebody refer me to a mental hospital or something. HOW THE F*CK do you tackle Blanka? This little green bastard I have been encountering all day. And it’s not your average scrub Blanka that does balls all day, its the hop ones, that hop every second and do electricity. I’ve read the matchup thread and I have for a while, but I seriously DO NOT know how to even approach Blanka. This geezer is so annoying. I ran into a 13k Blanka today, who just did a shitty combo ending in electricity, punch > electricity then hopped to the other side and did electricity, and I’d ALWAYS get hit, even if I thought I was blocking it right. So to combat this after the hop I’d try to jump back fierce, but no, I just get hit by the electricity when landing. Please, somebody tell me how to handle this bastard. The tiers suggest 6-4 Rog but I certainly can’t see how. I’m being a real noob right now but PLEASE, somebody point me in the right direction?


Crouching mk, spam it vs ball, elec etc, low jab for hop happy blankas. Full screen elec do the low ground running punch with mp


The problem is because Blanka just mindf*ck you in the game. Think of yourself trapped in Akuma’s mixed up where either he demon flip or cross up or did nothing.
After blanka jump, either he grab or he electrocutes you. If he does jump around too much, anticipate 1 or 2 of that jump and counter with a cr+fierce, after that you see him play more ground games with you.And you got electrocuted because you anticipated a grab and try to tech but he comes up with electricity instead.
In high level matches, it’s normally a waiting game but for casual or ranked, blanka normally gets a go at you with all that mix up.

Any video of your matches ?


Nah but I have it saved in my replays. You could add me as a friend and record it yourself but I don’t really think you care that much to go through the trouble :L
I kind of feel like an ass for raging like I did last night. It’s just Ranked Match is stupid enough to match me with players who have like 14k points so I have no chance of winning, but what infuriated me more was that I actually grinded out a round and thought I could win, and this lame ass Blanka did a taunt last round after playing stupidly lame. If only I was Juicebox and he was Scumbag, and after that taunt I pound his ass so hard he goes away crying. If only, IF ONLY! :’(


Blanka-Rog is heavily in Rog’s favour but I have the same issue - I just don’t have the patience at times to play the matchup the way it’s meant to be played (super defensive and just laming Blanka out) it’s just not my style and sometimes I suffer for it, embarassingly so.

General tips:

If Blanka has back charge then move forward very very slowly, no matter how far away you are - His Ball is a horrible move but it’s hard to block on reaction as you get closer. You can stuff it with anticipated CMP/CMK or just CJab spam.

If he does the rainbow roll to try hit you upside the head, focus absorb-dash it (It won’t matter if it’s a crossup because you absorb the hit) and can throw/sweep or sometimes combo depending on position.

CJab spam him out of hop spam if they are that way inclined.

Blanka can be thrown out of the startup of electricity but if you’re not close enough (ie. pushing forward with CJabs looking to throw) then you will likely lose to mashed out electricity if thats the type of Blanka you’re facing.

Sometimes you get the ones who seem to like SPAMMING crossups, hit them upside the face with a jump-back Fierce as you can’t DFierce it at certain close range. Failing that, FA Backdash and punish their next move.

Lay off jumpins and jumps in general, lay off the random Dash Punches outside of combos or Blocked Ball punishes, lay off Headbutt in general - Especially be careful when going for one during BnB’s becase even I know you can’t Headbutt a crouching Blanka from CShort because of his hitbox, but do it sometimes anyways out of habit.

In terms of Blanka’s Ultra1, if for some unknown reason he does it at medium distance, you can headbutt him out of it on his way down (Aim to hit him when he’s at the max height of the first jump), Ultra/Super it with Uppers to hit his underside or just Block and reversal Ultra or hold up-forward on block to jumpin for free.

If you meet the type of Blanka who’ll throw it out on wakeup randomly, I like to try bait that by jumping over him on wakeup - Granted, this will get hit by electricution if he does that instead, but if they Ultra and you’re jumping over, you can headbutt him from UltraAnim charge time on the other side and have plenty of time to Ultra from that - You’ll only get scrub Blanka’s with this however, example:

There’s a tonne more to it but thats all I can think of in a hurry as I’m off for dinner - Sadly I’ve never really had the chance to have a set with a decent/good Blanka, they’re so rare on GFWL and often terrible // play 1-3 games then leave.

But yes, I feel your pain.


Thanks a lot for that man, EXTREMELY detailed post. Thankfully I don’t run into many scrubby Blanka’s like this, if I did I probably would have sold the game and punched 15 holes in every wall in my house. I can’t remember on who’s Sig I saw, but it said Tokido: “Blanka is a scrub”. Couldn’t have put it better :L


Well no need for sarcasm - Unfortunately I do run into these scrubby Blanka’s - And y’know what, I’d prefer a proper Blanka over them, much like every good player wants a readable opponent and not some random-mashing muppet. My frustration is with those and not the good ones of which you can say “Well, they outplayed” if you lose, not “Well, that was random shit”.


Well unfortunately I don’t think many GOOD Blanka’s exist (I may be wrong, I’ve yet to see a number of good ones.) For me, the only Blanka that stands out from the rest is T SRAI, he plays Blanka SO differently to most out there and I’m sure a lot of people would have a lot more success if they played like him. Thankfully not THAT many Blanka’s exist, most of them I can handle. It’s the random hop around ones I can’t take.


Well lets face it, it’s Blanka, they have to rely on mindphucking and whatever works to win considering pre-SUPER it was a 7-3 matchup, no idea what it is in SUPER but I’m pretty sure it’s still heavily Balrog favoured. I feel your pain hence I responded the way I did, but sadly even understanding the matchup and trying to play it the right way sometimes won’t beat people who play random scrubbish garbage, but thats not a Blanka specific issue. I had a Balrog player the other day cheese me out with random nonsense and this is the type of player who had no BnB combos, no concept of proper punishes, spacing, footsies, just mashing out stuff unexpededly such as random headbutting and chipping away with random dashes, jab spamming at weird times etc

And thats a 5-5 Match, which makes it even more frustrating to know that in an even matchup where you are the more knowledgeable player who knows what they are doing yet can still lose to people with unreadable playstyles because they play random/spammy shit.

I cringe anytime I see a Blanka because I know as soon as the VS screen pops that, as far as GFWL is concerned, it’s a 99% chance the player has no idea of how to play Blanka effectively and will likely resort to a specific number of continuous garbage playstyles. One Blanka honestly did nothing but get close and try crossover kick spam, jump kick, jump kick, jump kick, jump kick, jump kick… For at least half the match - A seasoned player or anyone who takes SF4 with a grain of seriousness will have at some point said in their mind “Its not working for them, surely they will stop this soon” especially after punishing this sort of thing… But no, it continued. Eventually it went to back/forward jumping or neutral jumping constantly, then hopping and the sad part is it was all so over the place that they were chipping more away from me than I was punishing.

The core issue is to try not to get frustrated no matter how annoying it is, because a frustrated player will make a tonne of mistakes and that just feeds them.

Down-Back all day and punish anything and everything possible, keep a cool head and lame them out.


Yeah, I know where you’re coming from. I tried to play Ken today for the first time against a mate online, and kept mashing srk. I still got my ass whooped, so I wonder why it works from the Ken’s who do it online…I wonder if there’s a skill involved in mashing and playing like a scrub :stuck_out_tongue:


I find stuff like that may catch me out once in a while but with repeat play you’ll stomp it. It’s impossible for the average player to disect a player and their style after a round unlike some of the pro’s so some of us will take a loss before we sit there and really heavily punish what we experienced beforehand.

I still eat mashed out SRK’s at times but once I know that is the type of player I’m facing, I stop whatever it was that got me SRK’d and work on baiting it all day. THEN it’s a matter of taking a note of wether that person is actually capable of learning not to do something with repeat punishing - Like I said above, you would expect everyone to learn at some point, but some people will STILL do it constantly and it’s pretty shocking.


Yeah, the most shocking I got was a replay saved of a 10k Sagat, he had about 3.5kPP and 10.5kBP (a high level player you would imagine?) I ran the match back in Replay Channel and OH I had to save it. Originally I saved it because I pulled off a dash ultra which looked pretty sexy, but then with input display on, I say he had TURBO on and he mashed like CRAZY during everything I did. So lame how people can get that far who do shit like that.


The reason a lot of you here have problems with blanka is because you aren’t jabbing enough. And i’m being 100% serious. Oh and you guys don’t AA enough.


There’s this one Blanka I play against occasionally who literally does nothing but walk backwards and randomly throw out blanka ball. The sad thing is, if I accidentally eat a couple of them, i get frustrated and play right into his hands. A turtle like that just loves when you play stupid/aggressive…just makes his life-lead grow and grow. But when I turtle back, that usually works. But yeah, the hoppy, mix up blankas are tough, but as the previous guy said, jab more, and anti air more.


I know this thread has been 1year obsolete from currently I post, but i bump this thread coz’ I need to consult someone to fight against happy-crosshop elecman blanka.

Actually i did once spam elect when using blanka + crosshop mixup, but i felt guilty for doing so. i wonder what is my opponent’s feeling when lost to such a way…so next time if I given an opprtunity to use blanka via roulette slot, I ain’t spam elec or crosshop…coz its would brought me low as a sellout scum instead. even worse than srk mashers.

i’m a masher but i mashed when only during critical heap…especially on cammy. cammy is the only char can deal with blanka. blanka crosshop can be evaded by executing spinning knuckle crossing far away from this green annoying beast. or simply mash out Lk cannon spike, resulting blanka tossing up in the air…From this point keep running (cammy flip back step) away enough distance until you gain your composure. Now you ready to dish blanka by countering his rollling ball…simply block and cannon drill. rinse and repeat…


The blanka matchup is dismal (imo) in v2012, there’s a crap ton of things that are much safer than they were in Super/AE (like his slide or Blanka Ball) very subtle changes, but it easily went 6-4 Balrog to 6-4 Blanka. (obviously, any talk of the actual Blanka matchup should go in the matchup thread…no need to necro bump this thread again).