Fun Casual/Tournament Play Formats?


i was talking with a friend about XvSF - it’s pretty hard to hold a tourney for this game with all the infinites, so matches degenerate to landing the first hit. what’s worse is that everyone in this area plays the same handful of characters, so things can get boring.

now… one way to make it less boring would be to force players to form teams where everyone has to pick a unique character. it doesn’t solve the problem but it at least forces people to explore the game a little more.


what else could you do with other games to make them more interesting? i’m thinking casual matches mostly, but sometimes a good idea might actually work in a tournament.

off the top of my head, for Third Strike:

  • unique characters v.1: teams of 3. each player picks a unique character.

  • unique characters v.2: teams of 2. when two teams meet, no players can pick the same character (4 unique characters between the two teams playing).

  • ratio fighter: teams of 3. group the characters into 3 tiers - players have to pick one from each tier. or maybe use just 2 tiers - they can swap a high tier for two low tiers (yep… CvS1).

  • random select: each player pulls characters out of a hat. you could put more Seans and Twelves or whatever. this is probably more fun in A3 where every character has the choice between isms, as well as a bunch of VCs.

  • strip fighter: remove an article of clothing after every loss. i’m thinking of you, Magnetix.

  • human arcade mode: i’m still not sure what this could be yet, but i’m sure there’s a way to set up a real-life survival/arcade mode that’s remotely fun. it could be a round-robin of sorts.


A little while ago I made one up for 3S. It’s a lot like one of yours.

Basically, each player picks a team of 3 characters (being limited to one or maybe two of the top 3 because I said so). Aside from that, no restrictions. Before each match you decide the order you’ll play your 3 characters and cycle through them, winner of 2 games wins. I thought it was a decent idea because it requires each player to be good with more than one character, having knowledge of matchups and being consistent and effective with your whole team (which would be less significant if your winning character stayed on).

There might be some big problem with it that I’m overlooking though.


WTF!?:confused: :confused:



  • pint fighter: loser of each match takes glass of beer.


This one really only works well for Tekken since it has a wide range of handicap.

Everyone starts with 100%, every time you win, drop it 10%. If you lose, remember what % you were at and continue from there when your turn comes.

First player to win a match with 10% life wins.


Dope. Works with MvC2 as well.


For casual you can always play like it’s some ultimate team battle mode. Everytime you lose with a character, you can no longer play as that character, both people continue to play until someone finally runs out of cast. Sadly it only really works with two people. Works best with smaller cast games, 3S, Garou, etc.


third strike:
there are 19 characters in the game, 20 if you count Gill.

form 4 teams of players, with up to five players in each. each team takes turns picking a character from the 19 until all the playable cast has been chosen. the last team gets Gill (or a character of their choice).

problem would be giving a handicap to the first team that picks. if there were just two teams, the first team could pick 1 character and the second could pick 2, then each just picks one character each from then on.

lol someone negged me for the “strip fighter” thing.
relax, buddy. read up: 1, 2.



  • opponent picks your super.


  • opponent picks your ism.


  • opponent picks order of your team.

  • wrestlemania: in 3S, teams of 2. Alex or Hugo has to be on each team. in CvS2, each team should have Raiden/Zangief/Honda/Chang.


In CvS2, a friend and I play first person to jump gets hit with an opponent’s grab for free.

Really helps us work on ground game.

We also make it so you can only choose one of the following on your team: Claw, Yama, Sakura, Sagat, Cammy, Blanka


mm… i like the idea of learning to play without jumps. but if nobody uses the natural counters to jumps, maybe ya’ll just forget how to DP on reaction :3

some rules are hard to enforce by nature… e.g. “no infinites” in XvSF (e.g. by stopping air combos at 25 hits).


Oh there is…Ken/Akuma/Ryu