Fun convo with street fighter master

<StrtFghtrMstr -v // SFA3> best online palyers use kb…
<me> lol
<StrtFghtrMstr -v // SFA3> its easier
<StrtFghtrMstr -v // SFA3> i love giref and cat use him on kb
<me> can you do gief piledriver with keyboard?
<StrtFghtrMstr -v // SFA3> they dont use ghim…
<me> i’ll use him
<StrtFghtrMstr -v // SFA3> but other than that its the esasisest way to play
<StrtFghtrMstr -v // SFA3> its an arcade game
<StrtFghtrMstr -v // SFA3> not a kb game
<StrtFghtrMstr -v // SFA3> so thats why i dont use kb
<me> we are playing an computer emulated arcade game
<StrtFghtrMstr -v // SFA3> but emulate for an arcade
<StrtFghtrMstr -v // SFA3> so u use aracde sticks?
<me> but emulated “on” computer
<StrtFghtrMstr -v // SFA3> well its all personal pref and proven kb is much easier
<me> how is it proven?
<StrtFghtrMstr -v // SFA3> its all good as long as u can translate ur game to arcade
<me> i haven’t seen the proven part
<StrtFghtrMstr -v // SFA3> if u cant play good in arcade because of kebaord its ur
<StrtFghtrMstr -v // SFA3> own problem
<me> i play better with stick
<me> gief’s move so much easier on stick
<me> i can at least do his super consistently on stick
<me> can’t do it consistently on kb
<StrtFghtrMstr -v // SFA3> theres a gief tourney coming up
<StrtFghtrMstr -v // SFA3> is it ok if u stay on him?
<StrtFghtrMstr -v // SFA3> so i can pracitce?
<me> lol, u play in tourney
<me> that’s pretty funny
<StrtFghtrMstr -v // SFA3> ya. thats dfefingt from online
<StrtFghtrMstr -v // SFA3> lol
<StrtFghtrMstr -v // SFA3> defintely differnt
<StrtFghtrMstr -v // SFA3> no lag
<me> lol, u say that like i never played this in arcade
<StrtFghtrMstr -v // SFA3> if u did play good in arcade u wouldnt use kb
<StrtFghtrMstr -v // SFA3> thats proven too

This x-gief & x-gen using street fighter master taught me some insight. I wonder what the v in his name stand for. Certainly not vism or victory…

gief tournament? Where and when? salivates

edit fatherbrain here. forgot to log semi out. oops

Keyboard is alright, personally I can’t get sticks to calibrate properly so I never use them on pc, And it is widely accepted to use keyboard. It’s easy but I’m not saying its that easy. You can buffer 360’s and the likes pretty fast and easy, though My only experience with that is VS.

Widely accepted by who? :wtf:

I quit Kaillera for like 9 months because I didn’t have a pad, and my only option was keyboard.

By the users of kaillera, atleast the ones I know, I use keyboard. It works just fine.
By no means was I saying it was the best way to go , I’d prefer sticks but like I said They never want to calibrate properly and register every movement as a key press so it gets kind of wierd.

It is possible to do well with a keyboard; though it’s very dependant on the game.
I play a mid-high level Zangief fine with a keyboard.

keyboard sucks


depending on the character and the keys you are using keyboard can actually be OK to use. stuff like the v-ryu hop kick combo is piss easy on kb, while on stick the odd hcf or dp can creep in. 360’s are pretty easy too. some people set a,s,d,f. but i never used to have problems with getting them (non-ticked) with d,s,a,w.