Fun Fact: Street Fighter is ALSO an "anime game" (aka: Let's kill this stupid term)

Yeah, i know mostly all here will think this is a stupid thread and all that and, honestly, is true, i can’t deny it and i can’t blame you, but you know, this “topic” happened a lot of times in a lot of news at the blog and here in the forums, with all that “lol animu gaems” rage shit, so at least let’s discuss about this just one time:

Street Fighter II was released in 1991, in a time were mangas like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure or Hokuto no Ken were a success. Character design was made by Akiman, who already worked in a lot of anime/manga series and he designed the game with Jojo/HnK in mind… characters like Guile and specially Dictator are pretty manga-inspired at the time. Street Fighter II was, in fact, a stereotype of manga and anime at the time.

Later Capcom released Street Fighter Alpha, probably the most anime/manga-inspired SF game… anyone who knows it and deny his “anime” style is blind or just plain stupid… really, what difference has SFA in “inspiration” with, like, Guilty Gear X, who was also inspired in the media at the time?

The joke here is that mostly every fighting game released in the 90s is anime-inspired expect the obvious (MK, KI, etc) but there is some kind of “acceptation” that Street Fighter is “americanized” or something like that, the true is that maybe actual fighting games from Japan are based on a style of manga work that is NOT liked here, but is still as “anime” as the games from the past. But every new game that is not SF is commented as an “anime game”, even Akatsuki Blitzkampf, a game pretty inspired by games from the past.

If Akatsuki, Melty Blood, GGX or KOF is an “anime game” (because yeah, there is even people who think that about KOF), what is Street Fighter?

Sorry about this thread, i know is pretty stupid and unpolited, but i really want to know what’s makes Street Fighter “not manga/anime based” and why Hadoken is America.

dont let the front page comments drive you to madness


Is not about the trolling, is about where this “term” come from.

The term pretty much came from doujin games didn’t it? Melty and such, which were literally based on anime. In time it expanded to include games of a similar style, such as GG. There really isn’t a term for games like SF, because it’s the default type.

Personally I think its a useful term, and doesn’t have to be perjorative… It just describes GG and Melty style games, which is a definite subgenre, and convenient to describe together.

Don’t let the nattering nabobs of negativism ruin everything :smiley:

PS: Do people really call KOF an anime game? That seems way off to me.

In fact Melty Blood wasn’t based on an anime, it was based on a videogame, Tsukihime. The anime was released much later, in fact i’m pretty sure that the anime was released after Melty Blood… is that really different with SF: The Animated Movie or Alpha OVAs?

And yeah, there is a lot of people who thinks that KOF is an anime game, specially since KOF2003 and the Ash hate… funny enough, thanks to the “mechanics” that you commented there is even people who says that KOFXIII is an “anime game” because of the new combo system, i remember in the first US tourney when Justin loses with someone (i can’t remember now, it was a Mexican i think) the commentator screams “ANIME COMBOOOOOS” at the end, it was funny, but again the term was exposed.

If the mechanics of Melty Blood and GGX are the base of the “anime” term, are that SO different with, like, Darkstalkers by Capcom? Vampire saga is pretty chain-combo based, there are even some air-dashing (Lei Lei).

Yup some people do think KOF is an “anime” game. I remember at NEC they had an anime room and KOF 13 was definitely there.


I thought it was just a means to clasify a type of fighter didn’t know people were all up in arms about the term.

Well that’s kind of a tiny difference. The company that made melty broke through with ‘Queen of Hearts’, which was based on an Anime, as I remember it. And being based on a visual novel isn’t really that different, its the same wellspring :stuck_out_tongue:

About Darkstalkers, I dunno, for me anyways its about lineages. Darkstalkers is in the same lineage as COTA and the vs games, as compared to the GG or Melty lineages, which are the ones considered anime games usually. So to me, its a matter of history as well as game mechanics.

But the definitions are always gonna be arbitrary, I’m sure many people consider DS as part of the same group for the reasons you mentioned, plus the cartooney look and feel.


Blame the winbacks of the world (don’t say his name in front of a mirror). It’s all the ‘omg anime games lol pedo’ people, makes folks naturally defensive.

If it’s based on gameplay, Darkstalkers and Vs series qualify as anime games
If it’s based on inspiration of the characters, SF is an anime game

Around here, it’s just used as a label for fighting games that aren’t SF or Vs from my experience

Is anime an offensive term to you?

What is so wrong with calling AH, MB, GG, etc. anime games? It seems like just a small group of uppity people who play those games have a big problem with that term, despite the fact that if you say “anime game”, nearly anyone who plays FG’s would know what you’re referring to.

No, it was the same scenario: QOH was based on ToHeart, who is also a VN. Do you really think that “isn’t really that different”? i don’t know, i guess i understand your point but for me SF is also based on “same wellspring” material.

The thing is, yeah, DS is also considered by a REAL small group as an “anime game” but of course no one complain because it was made by Capcom… that’s the part of the hypocrisy.

That’s another funny point! because yeah, people say “omg lol pedo gaems” but it happens that in SF Sakura, Karin and Ibuki are also underage. Because there are all from SF no one complains too.

I want to think that is not an offensive term but the question here is why people realize that SF is “not” an “anime game” and use that term to “throw down” other titles.

Being an anime game is a compliment, usually they end up actually being good. Quite unlike recent capcom games.

That’s also due to no storyline development, Hell Cody would be looking like Gen if actual ages stuck

I feel like there are people out there that speak the term ‘anime game’ with the same tone of disgust and disapproval that they have when they use the term ‘party game’ when refering to smash brothers. Which is probably where the problems and complications start.

Theres really no need for the negative connotations in either situation.

GG is the fly in the ointment for that kind of argument, but again there are gameplay and style similarities, and the term is totally arbitrary.

Well one difference is that its adaptations vs original properties. There was no SF comic or anime or Visual Novel or whatever before SF1 came in, nor was there one for Darkstalkers, or Samurai Shodown, or Fatal Fury (counting FF as the origin of the KOF series).

Anyhoo, people know what you mean when you say ‘anime game’. It’s not perfect, but its entirely a convenient label.


It really really bugs me that people include KOF in that description though, it really doesn’t have any of what to me are the hallmarks of the style… except as Mr.X said not being a Capcom/3d/western style (ala MK couldn’t think of a title) game.


oops missed another important piece here. People totally make fun of sakura fans:

Red Panty addict anonymous

I won’t divulge into smash. That game has to be played by someone, right? anyway.

I can see myself using Doujin fighter negatively because it’s just not something I like. So, I’m naturally gonna use it in that way, just as people say it’s another “VS game” with tons of salt. i think it’s a matter of sensitivity to the issue.

I don’t discredit the game or it’s players, It’s just not my style.

This anime game “problem” you have has been around many years now and has seriously toned down in the amount of hate. Bullshit you read online doesn’t matter but you’re beating a dead horse at this point. Just get over it and play your games, animegirls is around the corner.

@Xesaie Wait, what’s the source material of GG?

What’s the point in mincing words? Regardless of whether or not games like SF and KoF are inspired by anime and manga at all, you** know** that when someone refers to a game as an “anime fighter”, they’re referring to a style of play, not necessarily what the actual inspiration is…fighters built in the style of vampire, marvel vs, or guilty gear… as opposed to fighters built in the style of games like SF/Fatal Fury

Yeah, the phrase might not be used correctly insofar as the description has evolved to have nothing to do with anime, but I just don’t see how mincing words over the subject helps at all.