Fun factor vs Competitive factor


I’m a huge fighting game fan, and I’ve played tons of fighting games. I hear a lot of people remark about SSFIV not being that great of a game (and I do think the game has some huge flaws). Then I hear people mention other games as better games to play. I have to admit, I’m a serious SSFIV player (despite not playing the game). I try to attend as many tournaments as I can, I try to attend as many casual practice sessions as I can, read as much info as I can, get my exeuction as tight as a can, and read up about matchups as much as I can. I’m really commited to the game, but on a personal level I really don’t like it.

I think people often confuse fun factor with competitive factor. Games like SSFIV have a higher competitive factor (though to many it has a lower fun factor) simply because of it’s accessiblity which ignites a diverse playerbase. I can find SSFIV compeition offline or online, doesn’t matter. I can go online and find people playing at 4:30 AM. In MVC2, good luck finding anyone playing at that time. I think for fighting games to truely be fun, there has to exist something beyond just the game being fun as a singular offering. The element of compeition has to be factored into how “fun” a game really is. Other games with more complex sub systems don’t attract as many games, and as a result there are less people to play against (or none). For me these games aren’t as fun.

Does competitive factor or fun factor make a huge difference to you?


Each people have different ways of thinking or experiencing things. Its really hard to tell whats a person reason are for anything, the best thing to do in this situation is find out how you tick and work with it. Personally I can share the same feelings of Street fighter 4 but I think its impossible for any to find the line between fun and competitive because its simply a way of how people think.

I deal with people many times questioning my play style and ethics and attempt to deter me from them, but they have no influence on of me and they shouldn’t even try to, unless theirs a situation where I requested they do.


shitty thread


I borrowed a friend’s 360 around the launch of SSF4 so I could try the game out and, I had a fun time initially online/offline. The whole sense of “new”, the fact there was an abundance of players, a purpose to train a bit when you found something you couldn’t deal with.

But that’s just initially. After the problems I had with the game started kicking me in the face than that subsided, and the fact that unless you matchmake or consistently play offline the comp is pretty shitty/throwaway for the most part the appeal of “many people” became irrelevant. So, I personally prefer a game I really enjoy and support with smaller (but generally) better comp. A lot of people have fun soley from the “competitive” aspect I think, where the fact you are participating in such a large scale of people/tournies and scene is itself what they really like. But I can’t adopt that mindset myself. shrug


yeah i find sf4 really boring and it really angers me that they didn’t address anything to make the game more exciting with two releases. however, it’s still street fighter and at the end of the day i’d rather play it than cod or halo or whatever is new. i’d rather play 3rd strike or hyper fighting than sf4 but the competition pool is lower and i’ve played those games for at least 5 years now.

for those who find sf4 exciting and play it competitively, more power to you. but when you’ve played a bunch of other sf games for years and then play sf4, it’s like ssf2t underwater with much less mixups and it’s a lot easier to react to throws and shit. the strategies that were in the previous sf2 games kinda look bad in sf4 because it’s so goddamn slow and easy to react to and stay safe. the risk factor is too high for such low reward and 90% of characters go for jab x2 link into whatever because it’s safe and easier to hit confirm. and probably the worst part for me is that they nerf characters with every iteration in sf4. why? that’s what makes this game fun is when you have some powerful shit to learn for each character and then they take it away. they take almost all the flashy useful shit in the game and leave you with boring “balanced” bullshit.

i don’t want to piss off sf4 fans but it’s just not the most fun sf game for me personally.


But people have fun playing games competitive so…



Anyway I’m not sure what purpose this thread serves when there are games that are both competitive and fun. Why’s it matter which one is more important to you when you can have both