Fun Teams


What’s a fun team to play, that doesn’t include either Sentinel or Cable? Just starting try and play competitivly, but I don’t want to use either of those characters.


I’m sure most would agree that MSP is pretty fun to play AND can compete at higher level play.


a fun mags team without cable/sent.

well, with storm, as ^^^ said… msp. msc works well too (cyclops)

other good teams…

mags/tron (projectile)/ironman

there’s alot.
depending on ur play style, choose a different character to put in there… just always have an anti air. good anti airs for mags… cyclops, psylocke, ironman, capcom


thanks, I think I’m gonna try out MSP, that team sounds pretty good.
But what about these guys? I’m wayyyy behind the times, and I’m curious to know why nobody picks them. This was my old team BTW.
-Captain America


cuzthey get owned by top tier teams… sadly everyone picks cable/ sent/ capcom ad let’s face it these chars have no chance…

by the way a good non top tier team is strider/ venom / doom
other teams are blackheart/CapCom/doom(this team is very cheap but requires strong expertise if you find yourself against cable:p


strider venom doom?
blackheart capcom doom?

umm… NO


nah, strider doom is good, but not with venom…
use strider/doom/capcom - that’s a great team
blackheart capcom doom is good… but change something…
play it… blackheart/doom/capcom. capcom sucks, but his anti air is great.

other good strider doom teams that aren’t top…
strider/doom/cammy <prolly best, since her aaa is invincible, and she’s better than ken and capcom.

Video to help lube joystick?

Another few somewhat successful “Fun” team would probably be:


These are some that I’ve been seeing around here more than usual. Although Morrigan doesn’t take damage well, she is considered as one of Capcom’s best rushers, along with Chun-Li. Of course, if you want an all Darkstalkers team, then you’d go with:


These three together pack a punch. You may not last against the top teams, whoever those may be, but for any fun instances, you can’t go wrong with chars from the Darkstalkers series.



MSP is probably the funnest top tier team. strider doom is pretty fun too, and that’s top tier if you add in sent or BH. if you’re good at sent stomp down that’s fun too i guess.

if you just wanted pure fun then play tron bonne, servbot, and dan :smiley:


If u wanna play with these chrcs that’s fine the only thing is that u must not put all three of them together. Instead substitute two top tier chrcs for the other two chrc. Example:Spidey/Doom/Sen

Just remember to have one good AAA assist and another very good proj assist or something with hella good recovery. By the way pay no tention to hypocrites that tell u that those three chrc suck, As long as u got good assists and know how and when to use them you’ll be fine even though it wouldn’t hurt to know a little more on how to play your chrc.


I’m in agreement on everything except for Sent. I’d switch Sent for Psy. Her Psy blade can set Doom up for his supers, and Spidey can benefit as well from Psy. Also, Rave mentioned his not wanting to use Sentinel…



Don’t worry about playing these formula, carbon-copy “me too” teams…

…just pick who you want, get good with them and the fun will find you, rather than the other way around. :slight_smile:

If you just want standard strats for standard top-tier teams, just take a look around. Sh!t’s all over the place… :smiley:

M/S/P is pretty fun & effective, but the average player is dead in the water once “P” dies… :lol:



I got a team that is fun to play, Team Steroids…but that involves Sent…:frowning: since that is not allowed I would say my fav team back in the day was iceman, servbot, doom.

You just keep away with iceman and trap with doom. ice beam ice beam dat shit. Until you build five bars then tag in Kobun and run around till they block doom then super.

That shit ownz Sentinel. :confused: (Low tier Sent, not god tier Sent)


well for the most part i use wolv(bone claw),sabertooth,and megaman.

also megaman,tron bonne,and servebot.


My fun team is Colosseus, Captain America and Tron Bonne. Colosseus is so fun at point and sometimes I can do some damage on unsuspecting magnetos with my, shoulder charge combo. Pretty damaging and basic, and often they don’t roll (sometimes they do though).

This is my favourite team. Sure I get owned usually by Cables, Blackhearts, Mags, Storm, all those, but I have fun, and when I win, the other people get mad. Nothing beats that if you ask me. :smiley:


Low tier’s all I play… and so far as I can tell, most people think I’m insanely good (even though I play close to 50-50 in tourneys). I’m just well practiced. Playing a fun team isn’t hard… you just need characters you like. Try mixing and matching assist types until you find something that works for you.

Here’s some teams I play.

Hayato, Sonson, Tron Bonne (Main Team)
Megaman, Hulk, Jin (Triple Super / Assist Killer team)
Felicia, Iceman, Sonson (Fun as heck)
Cap. Am., Hulk, W.M. (Underplayed. Had to try 'em.)

These are just examples… you’d be amazed at some of the goofy combinations that can trick people up. Just pick characters you like, and go with it. Here’s a few tips, though… pick assists that are complementary. When you play low tier, you don’t play characters…

You play a team.

Tron Jon


FuN Teams!!

for my fun teams i mix up a variety of top tiers wit lows and mids etc etc


Charlie(b)doom(b)Cable(b)(u can rush down wit charlies moonsault slash)



thats only a few i play wit at times when im bored
i play wit alot of GOD teams but my fav low tier has to be Charlie…(Charlie and doom is SO FUN!!!)


my fun team when i play (or should i say when i used to play) is a girl team. i played cammy(AAA)/storm(proj)/tron(proj). it was fun for me b/c i’d always try and time her counters correctly to surprise people i’d be playing against.


i’m still sticking with doom/marrow/sonson. i actually beat an msp with this team. then again, it was casual play, so it wasn’t all competitive. he was still embarrased as hell though.


dhalsim, sent proj, storm proj

DHALSIM snuffs msp with his roundhouse HELL YEAH!!!

it punishes EM disruptor. and how many times did magnus try to super jump only to get kicked in the head. and how many times did he try to air dash foward at me, only to get hit by a jumping roundhouse. and how many times did psylock get called out just to get regulated by a chain of crouching punches.

ogod, dhalsims limbs lock down so well. simplest is dash in, rk, yoga fire, call out sentinel, super jump, air dash foward, do some ducking punches. and any time sentinel connects with a rocket punch, you can link with a standing round house, and then a jumping roundhouse for good damage. or somethin like that. dun remember.

guile, sentinel, storm

check out this:

guile - lk, lk, sonic hurricane
DHC sentinel qcf + two punch super
(mash a lot)
DHC storm

Its gooooooooooooood

or guile, storm, capcom
good shiet.

man, guiles sonic booms fucking regulate, and his down-up flash kicks snuffs down runaway storm so badly its not even funny. i love this guy. commando + flash kicks keeps em outta the air, sonics booms and storm projectiles keep em blocking when they’re on the ground, oh man it doesn’t get more fun than this.

i beat a dudes sent/cabull/storm wit this, we split the games even 50/50 i think, before i gave up and played team scrub cause it was last quarter

the best strider team
is sentinel/strider/doom
sentinel builds up mad meter.
strider comes in and regulates
the end