Fun times at WNF (super arcade) and my first tourny

Hello, I am a long time lurker. I main gen and am looking for a new secondary, ken isnt cutting it. I just thought I would share my experience at WNF at super arcade.

So I sign up as SodiumBringer and got a few laughs. The energy in the place was pretty high. It was packed with people and everybody was sweating. I had been getting smashed in casuals all day by a fei long and a sagat, both played by the same person, and zangief played by some asshole named Mike Ross (jk he’s cool) so I was ready to play some matches against other characters.

My first match was against a Balrog player. The matches were best two out of three. The Balrog was pretty good. Luckily for me, he did not know which way to block when I came down with ogas on his face on wake up. I did a few ogas to up kicks, crane jumping mk, s. lp, cr, lk, to super —> ultra. Round 1 goes to me. =D The second round, Alex Valle needed our console for some reason and said that we would play round 2 on the livestream. I was pretty nervous, it was my first time on a livestream in an actual tournament. My opponent got a fightstick from his friend and we went at it again. He won the second round with typical Balrog tactics. Jabs, throws, headbutt to ultra ect. So then the pressure was on it was 1-1. I dont remember the details of the second round but I took his fight money with ease.

Is it just me or is it easier to do cr. mp --> hands on xbox 360 and arcade machines? I have a ps3 and it seems harder.

So after I won I waited a while and watched a few friends play their matches. Being in winners is such a good feeling. My second match was against a rose player. For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to go Ken first and he picked rose. I lost that pretty badly. We switched characters and I picked gen. It was down to the wire, people gettin hype, yelling and what not. We were at one win each and both our lives were at about 5%. He did rose’s ultra 2 and did that sliding attack. I remembered my friend talking about mantis light punch super’s start up invincibility so I decided to go for it. My super hit him and I won round 2. We changed characters and he picked el fuerte. It was pretty close, but I have virtually no serious match up experience against el fuerte and he sent me to losers bracket.

The next round I played against a ryu. When we were picking characters I snuck down to ultra 2 and hit the button really fast =P. I won the first match with just good play. The second match was hilarious. We were both down to about 10% and I kept neutral jumping. He liked to throw fire balls, but with good timing, I neutral jumped about 5 of them before finally getting the crane ultra 2 combo out. oh how salty he became. The second round was pretty funny too. The exact same thing happened. Neutral jumps -> ultra.

So after that I played a guy who said he was part of the cross counter crew. He was a rose player. He was pretty good, my oga got hit by his ultra 2 twice and that cost me the match. The first time we both jumped and his ball hit me right as I was coming down. The second time I came down and both balls hit me…then he used soul throw. this game is dumb lol. His normals kept beating mine and he jumped in non stop…no respect for old men these days…sigh.

overall I did much better than I thought I would. I played a few casuals with Vanesco, my forward button wasnt working, and got some good tips. He didnt like how I spammed crane j. mk. so I could so super to ultra lol. Hopefully I’ll do better next week. When I play online I can use crane jumping mk to cross up all day long, but in the arcade man, it seems everybody knows how to block it. I wonder if anybody recorded the brief time I was on the stream, I didnt play THAT well but its always good to have footage of gen winning.

If you read all of that thanks. WNF is fun as hell and it would be cool to see a gen in the top 8 or even win it all.


I played gen in my first tournament, beat a few people, improved a lot, had fun.

Sounds like Gootecks.

keep the good work. I saw the videos and I generally agree with Chen (or it was somebody else?): you were playing Gen as if it was another character of the roster… instead of taking advantages of Gen unique skills (mostly the cross-ups). But it’s always nice to see a fellow Gen player on video! :wink:

Any footage available yet? I wanna see how Vanesco did

I was playing really badly in the brackets and mostly got turtled out. Lost to a DeeJay (Grandmaster J?) and a random Chun. Went 1-2. I was so salty. Went on to play casuals and won 21 straight games.

WNF doesn’t record your matches unless you are playing a famous player in the community, it’s top 8, or they need randoms to fill time. I really hope they don’t keep hosting it at Super Arcade. It was a 64 man bracket but we had at least 100 people in an area the size of a 7-11.

The guy I played was a darker gentleman. He had curly hair and wore head phones. He wasn’t Gootecks but I’m sure they practice Rose together.

Against Balrog I like to do a lot of cr. mp to hands because It limits their lateral movement and if I dont jump too much I wont get head butted. Balrog is one of my hardest matches though because I get mind fucked against him easily.

I watched Vanesco play and his Gen is MUCH different from mine. I rarely use my meter unless ex hands comes out on accident or if I panic and use ex gekiro, I like Gens super too much. When Vanesco did fadc combos, my mouth literally dropped open lol…but I still think I like the super better. I played a few casuals against the guy who beat Vanesco in the tournament and he told me that he got lucky, something traded that shouldn’t have, and Gen should have won the match.

Oh man was it hot in there. The level of saltiness was through the roof and not because of the sweat.

I’ll try to upload some matches and hopefully you guys can critique my play. here the vid, scroll to 55:00 more or less

Thanks a lot for finding the video Schiff!