Fun vs Competitive factor for this game

Are you going to play mvc3 for fun (for shits and giggles) or are you going to take it seriously(competitive wise)?

causal or competitive?

where’s your stance?

simple answer: u cant play competitive in EUROPE. no tournaments… nothing.
so i have to say: “for fun”

I aim to be competitive in this game… once I am at a level where I am good Comp then I can play it for fun… right now I am seriously trying to Level up my Game.

I’m having fun taking it seriously.

Both for me.

I don’t have the energy or time to invest as heavily in MVC3 as I did SSF4. So it’s just for fun right now. And holy shit is Taskmaster/Doom/Thor fun!

Even when I try to win it’s always just ending up with bull crap. In a way I want to play competitively but at the same time it’s just not possible.

It’s fun for me to play to win.

Otherwise it’s too boring.

So basically these 2 things go hand in hand.