Fun ways to land SA2?



SA3 may be the best, but SA2 is still fun to try. I love how it goes high when an opponent jumps in. Makes it hard to parry.

Useful / Standard:

  • cr. LK, cr. LK into SA2 is useful
  • jump cross up MK / UOH into SA2 are pretty standard ways of landing a super

Some other fun ways that I’ve seen:

  • f.HK into SA2 (but I think it only links if you stun them with f.HK)
    -Throw Dudley into corner then SA2
    -Throw Dudley* any where on the screen* and SA2
  • LP Shoryuken in corner then SA2

I was surprised you could forward throw Dudley any where on screen and go into SA2. I don’t see that talked about much. Well SA2 isn’t often used so.

I was also trying in the corner: LP Shoryuken, Kara Shoryuken, cancel into SA2. But I couldn’t get it to work. I’ve seen it in a video somewhere so I guess it’s character specific.

Is there a way to tatsu or air tatsu into it? Any useful air resets? What are some other fun ways to land it?


I remember someone posted once about how you can link standing lk into sa2 and I always thought that was one of the coolest links in the game cause of how goofy it looks.

I didn’t know about lp shoryu juggle into sa2 though. I’ll have to give that a whirl!


Fast reply hell yeah.

Yeah I just tried LP Shoryuken into SA2 tonight but I didnt put the damage settings on to see how effective it was damage scaling wise. Who cares though, since if youre using SA2 its mostly for fun anyway. Also I think LP Shoryuken into SA2 may be one of the easiest ways to confirm into super (similar to Akuma’s LK tatsu into Super.) Only catch is it has to be done in corner.

If there’s a way to do it without having to be in the corner someone let me know. Any other fun ways let me know too.


opps, nm. Maybe its your username, but I thought we were talking about Ryu :confused:


Recorded. Gunna upload them to a quick upload site!

Edit: Here they are in Crap-D Definition. LP Shoryuken into SA2 (corner) Throw Dudley into SA2 f.HK into SA2

For LP Shoryuken into SA2 you just have to input SA2 fast. If you piano the kick buttons as soon as your feet touch the ground you should be able to do it. Also even though the SRK obviously combos into SA2 it only says 15 hits because you lose a hit from the opponent being so high in the air before the super hits them. I guess if you timed it so that your Super hits them while they are closer to the ground you could get 16 hits?

I’ve seen a combo vid where Ken does (( SRK - kara SRK - cancel into SA2)) on a Q, but I’m sure this is character specific.


dont have to kara to get double shoryu on q


Was that aided at all by Hugo character size, stun on hit, and or back to corner placement?

I sometimes do a very terrible non combo mixup with max range ->HK then HP/EX Shoryu right after the HK overhead hit which won’t always catch, unless very close to corner and or other factors involved. (Standing counterhit, I assume as they want to attack me back, anything they do crouching can make the Shoryukens miss there with a popout after 1 hit, etc.)


Hax, I’m pretty sure it’s not character specific. They have to be crouching and it has to be stun on hit. I chose Hugo because he’s the only one I could get to, have enough health to easily show it said “stun” during the combo. Basically just shows that it combo’d. Oddly enough I got the combo from an old gamefaqs Ken guide, which people here tend to hate on. Im surprised he found that combo. Also I don’t know if it’s corner specific but I’ll check next time I’m on.

And hell YEAH I didn’t necessarily mean combos. Even non combo ways are great to psyche an opponent out. It’s a gamble, but a smart one. I could imagine if they block the f.HK and don’t parry, you could SA2 right afterwards. I’ll have to try it out.

I guess any slow moving attack that has decent recovery is a sneaky way to bait them. It’s like Urien’s headbutt whiff to throw or Ryu’s tatsumaki whiff to throw. I wish there were more tutorials and vids about this aspect of the game.


Baits are king, yes. You’ll see them a lot during match experience yourself if not in gameplay match vids. Less so in Tutorials.

& or ridiculously jungle setups way worse than mine, yours, erring more to the side of online Sean Shoryu Cannon blowthrus and silly stuff like that.


i wouldn’t say ryu’s tatsu has good recovery ( considering how easy it is to punish when the tatsu land’s in throw range) … that’s should only work online.


Don’t lose sight of what I was trying to say. Ryu’s tatsu into throw is in the category of: Urien headbutt to throw, UOH into shoryuken, etc. Just any kind of non combo tactic or set up that we see often it just never gets into any tutorial. There IS a Hugo tutorial on how to land gigas and some of them are non combo ways of getting that huge damage.

Also I just checked and f.HK to SA2 doesn’t need to be in the corner. Has to be on stun and crouching. MAde the thread for fun ways to land it, if I was trying to be the beastliest Ken or even just main Ken I’d use SA3.


I wouldn’t consider the tatsu or the UOH into srk ( never seen this before unless you’re talking about a meaty UOH that combos into a srk… on block i would just punish the UOH with sa3 midscreen or keep blocking since they are applying pressure and i’d be more worried about which way to block then to be stupid enough to press a button in that situation) ryu’s tatsu recovery isn’t good enough ( especially since i could easily get them with cr. mk jab shoryu kara jab shoryu from that range too) to put in urien headbutt throw category ( a somewhat viable tactic) 8/10 times i punish it online the other times I tech the throw… my point was that ryu’s tatsu recovery isn’t nearly good enough to put in that so called “category” of gimmicky moves, nothing more.


there aren’t any tutorials about most of those things because they characterize a fundamentally bad way to play a fighting game. the whole point (ignoring enjoyment and other personal factors) is to minimize risk and guesswork. if you’re blowing a full meter on the assumption that somebody will botch their punish of your unsafe scrub setup, that’s just bad play. this is a strategy forum, after all.

close range c.MP link into shinryu might work on crouching dudley. meaty uoh, lp srk xx shinryu should work. if shinryu has the same or more range than lp srk, which it likely does, then lp srk, kara sa2 might work midscreen. it might be hard to do though, since supers can end up d/f in 3S and sa2 is done with kicks. qcf, d+mk, d/f, f+K might work, or d, d/f+mk, f, qcf+K. if it works you might even be able to combine it with the previous combo for big damage off a midscreen overhead against some characters. i don’t know if these count as fun though.


I wasn’t talking about playing all that style or even close to using a lot of that. I was just saying how pre-OE, people would mention Urien’s Headbutt throw and lk Tatsu throw in the tips sections. Even if I were to say hey this is good to have in your arsenal, going by that vein even the pros throw out tricky semi-risky stuff.

Also I tried various ways of trying to juggle srk and shinryu midscreen and couldn’t get it to work even with kara. I’ll try it out on the wider members of the cast just to double check. I’m still gunna search for more interesting ways to land it. I tried “Shinryuken after throwing Dudley” after watching a combo video. To this date thats the only time Ive ever heard or seen that combo. So Im wondering what more is left to be explored with some characters in the game.


urien’s headbutt is -2 on block though, and has one of the fastest whiff animations in the game for a special move. the opponent knows they can’t really do anything, so a neutral close range situation ensues. 95% of the time, that’s just a teched throw. compare that to ryu’s LK hurricane which is -12. even the slowest characters in the game get a guaranteed punish against that. sorry for having to pull out the boring numbers but special move into some tricky follow-up isn’t interchangeable between characters. it depends on what kind of situation the move puts you in.

the dudley throw thing is a glitch. all shoto uppercut supers can work, but if he quickrises you just threw away a shitload of meter and ate a giant combo. i’ve been pretty busy lately but i might try kara sa2 when i get a chance.


No I get you about the Ryu tatsu. Numbers and lingo aside it doesnt have “fast recovery.” I was really surprised trying it out myself. In some situations vs some characters it’s nice. But what I was trying to say is in the past, it was thought of as a tip or feasible tactic. I think as the game has been rereleased it’s our responsibility to make more tutorials or talk about common techniques we see that were never included in any guide before.

Also yes no technique is infallible. SA2 is for shits and giggles anyway. What I do like is that Ken and I believe Gouki can do this midscreen.