Fun with anodizing joystick handles

Tilt was having a tournament locally so we decided to make a Hawaii style stick, I just thought I’d share the result. I thought it came out pretty nice and the new dark blue ball top completed the rainbow perfectly.
The stick on the left is anodized a dark blue to match the ball top.
Both sticks are titanium, we did not however light the ball tops on these.

Because I know a few people will ask, the buttons are Rollie’s and the LED pads are RGB Uila’s(sorry this is just the picture we gave Tilt for promotion)

Any pictures of the rest of the stick?

And where does a brother get dark blue balls? I need some. (no homo)

I can take that so many ways (even with the No Homo). But honestly they look like Seimitsu Bubble tops to me.

I was the lucky one to win that tournament. I am pretty sure the balltops are custom made. While I could put the dark blue balltop onto a sanwa/seimitsu stick, it was difficult to put a sanwa or seimitsu balltop onto the titanium shaft.

The rainbow titanium shaft is pretty beast.The blue looks darker when not in direct sunlight/light. When I do LED mod it it’ll probably be brighter blue. The website is

LOL, yeah, it is a bubble top, but I’ve never seen a bubble top in that deep blue color before. I have the light blue seimitsu bubble, but that blue would work better on my stick. (lord, now everything sounds wrong)

yeah, I think the darker blue would match the Blue translucent Rollies nicely.

I have that same problem with my ti shaft from paradise. I have yet to use it because of this :frowning:

Haha, Sorry guys. I’m not sure why I didn’t get a note that there had been responses.

Titanium shafts should take any regular balltop, Butteroj you have a replacement coming your way with a dark blue ball because I didn’t realize my wife hadn’t shipped it yet.

Dark blue balls are custom, Not Seimitsu. We are looking to do a series of balltops to match the buttons we and Rollie sell. Personally I’m not crazy about the Seimitsu blue or green. These balltops look awesome lit, just use a blue LED as the white will make it look a little washed out. If I can get a good picture, I’ll post it, but taking pics of lit balltops is always tough.

As far as where to get them… They will be on our site tonight, along with about 40 other updates on products :slight_smile:

Unorthodox, congrats on the win, how did you like the Seimitsu LS-32-01 long shafts they used for the tournament?

That ball top is gorgeous!

No sign of the anodized shafts yet…have you updated the site and I’ve just missed it? XD

Bubbletops are up!
Paradise Bubble Tops - Paradise Arcade Shop

We are debating how to do anodized sticks: on one hand we have thought about having standard colors and patterns for sale, another strategy we are debating is just doing one offs on anodizing. Any requests?

New products:
Sanwa Pushbuttons - Paradise Arcade Shop
Seimitsu Pushbuttons - Paradise Arcade Shop

Soon to come:
Solid Sanwa Balltops
Solid Seimitsu Balltops
Sanwa 30mm snap in buttons…
LS-32 with SS plates
Several Seimitsu and Sanwa Parts

Anodized…I’d say do some solid colours or take some requests for gradient colours.

I’d happily be up for a purple one!

There sure is a niche market for shafts.

at the moment hollow shafts ( stainless steel) are very expensive and only available for mainstream sticks.

Aluminium shafts would be great too it is much lighter after all and given the size of the shaft there is no resilience problems involved even with a hollow one.

anodised metal shafts are hard to come by, anodised & hollow… hum not seen any so far…

Ok, one purple coming up, any more requests?

Ajunta, what other sticks need hollow shafts? With the titanium shaft I keep debating whether or not to do the JLF in stainless, but I should probably just give in… The only place stocking hollow stainless I know of is right now

those look cool. are you able to anodize shaft covers for the jlf?

Thank you! Sure, but these are titanium JLF sticks so why would you want to anodize a cover?

These are really good, but not perfect, if anyone is interested in these hollow anodized shafts with balltops, pm me.

My monitor sucks for colours (things look lighter or darker than they should…and completely different altogether sometimes haha, stupid netbook)
What colours are those in the above picture? Dark and light blue?

Are you anodizing a stock JLF shaft or is this an entirely custom/copy JLF shaft?