Fun With Colors! The Customize Character Thread


I dont have any pictures or anything but it is really easy to make C.C. from Code Geass using Kula.

I simply just put her hair to the sonic green color, made her whole outfit basically all silver (gloves and shoes included). And all the trim on her clothes Gold… so its C.C. in her Mecha outfit.

I havent unlocked all her colors yet but it would look a lot more like her if I could make her outfit all white instead of the Silver.


I actually made a C.C. myself.


haha literally right after I made my post I was like… I cant be the only one who thought of CC as Kula, I mean it is almost too obvious. Right when I saw Kula I instantly thought of CC… so I figured other anime fans would as well.

But yea I see that she in fact does have white as a color for her clothes… guess I am going to grind some matches out to get them.

Also what picture were you going off to make her? I was going off the bottom left image of her right here with the gold trim on her outfit


Also if anyone could possibly make some Deathnote characters that would be really cool (specifacally L, Light, Melo, and Near). I unfortunately am not a very creative person :(.


I based it off the black and white suit. I didn’t watch much of Code Geass, so that was the costume I was most familiar with.

And yeah, I’ve thought about doing some Death Note characters before. Would really like to do a Light Yagami/Iori Yagami costume, if possible.


Hey 7k, think you can do the Aska one? I don’t have the time to unlock all of Yuri’s colors.


Yeah, I should be able to do that. I actually made one once just to see if I could do it, but I didn’t save it.


My main reason for playing Saiki. Someone just had to do this as their resemblance and role in their respective stories are incredibly similar.

Saiki as Fou-Lu from Breath of Fire IV:


01 - 3,4
02 - 6,5
03 - 6,1
04 - 2,3
05 - 4,1
06 - 4,3
07 - 6,1
08 - 4,1[/details]


I thought you played him because when he turns into his demon form, he doesn’t have pants.


Fair warning my camera on my phone is not the greatest.

Pokemon Trainer Red


I’m normally not one for KH but…

Heartless Athena


Heartless Yuri


Nobody Elizabeth


And my Scourge the hedgehog inspired Leona


I had a NYK Leona but the camera shot didn’t turn out too clear… I actually have Mango colors for just about everyone.


Movado watch Vice


here’s the origin


Ken masters Terry


and that’s about all I have to display for now.

Most other characters are just reference to my own characters I have developed.


I got space I can try it can i get the sprite or the Pic?

(Pardon the double)


I had been wanting to try a Gally/Alita edit for Kula for some time now. Apologies for the low quality pic.


01 - 1, 5
02 - 2, 3
03 - 5, 1
04 - 5, 1
05 - 5, 2
06 - 5, 2
07 - 5, 2
08 - 5, 1
09 - 5, 2
10 - 5, 2
11 - 2, 2
12 - 5, 2
13 - 5, 1
14 - 5, 1
15 - 2, 5
16 - 3, 5
17 - 5, 1
18 - 5, 1
19 - 5, 1
20 - 5, 1
21 - 5, 1
22 - 5, 1
23 - 2, 3
24 - 2, 3[/details]



Working on it, how it looks at the knees makes me feel like it can be done better…

I’ll have a pic up soon


Here’s the best I could do for Aska.


Lemme know if that’s good, and I’ll post the code.


Very good and accurate. Only thing I would add are the bandages on her forearm and lower leg; it’s the same color as the belt. Make the bottom of her shoes the same color as the gi, and it’s spot on.

If you got the code, that would be great.

If someone wants to make one from her Player 2 color, that would be awesome. It can be found here on this spritesheet:


i have a request too…can someone please make a zombie costume for anyone of the following characters: yuri, liz, king, ikari team, daimon, hwa, robert, kula, maxima, raiden or beni?? I remember seeing some vids a couple of years ago, either from ngbc or neowave of a kim and iori team sporting zombie colors…been looking for that video forever and found nothing…


Unfortunately, the bottom of her shoes are not editable by themselves - if I edit those, it makes about half of the top of her shoes that color as well. A shame, as almost all the other characters have the bottoms separate. I did edit the color of her bandages, though.

Anyway, here’s the code:

I’ll edit my Women’s Team post to have this in it later.

Well, I haven’t done any of those characters as an undead, but I have turned a bunch of other characters into monsters of a certain series…




I’ll be posting my Elizabeth Team edits up soon. Spoilers: Lots of Darkstalkers references.


Appreciate it 7k.


So what’s the preferred image hosting site these days? I’ll post pics once I figure one out.

So far I’ve only done the characters I’m playing or somewhat playing now…

For “Inspired” ones that I’ve done…


Rock Howard
Jacky Bryant VF2 version

Takuma w/ Mask

Geese Howard (can’t decide to make the mask red or white, so I settled on white)


I’m trying to make a Captain Harlock color set, but so far I only have a Kyo Default Color one


Akira VF

After the last SNKP match vids there’s a lot I want to do. Color Edit is too buff, while not one VF5 level of detail as far as cuztomization, it’s still alot of fun to play with. The VF character will be represented, just like I repped the SNK characters in the VF4 customization.


I’ve been using imgur. Seems to be working for now.