Fun with Pirates!

A great place to find pirates is on They tend to offer to mod or sell you a modded box. Now since most gamers are either skin and bones or a fat tub of crap, I suggest you flag their comments and get them taken down…but if you are built (I’m 5’6" 200 lbs with a 30inch waist and 16" arms) arrange to meet them in public and ask to handle the box. once they hand it to you smash it on the ground and look up and say “oops, I dropped it”. Now if they are a fatty and you meet them inside a food place, you can extend the combo by taking their food as well :rofl:

More fun with pirates: kick their peg leg.

Hugh Mad.

I don’t get this topic…Oh oh! Maybe we’re telling jokes! Ok ok

Why did the Pirate go to the movie? Cuz it was rated Arrrrrrrrrrrrre.