Fun with the unlockable DIP Switches


Oh, the broken fun you can have with the hidden DIP switch settings… Ground Chain Combo, Air combo, Super to Super cancel, all supers…

Here are a Few Combos I’ve found after screwing around in practice mode for 10 minutes.


All crouching: :lp: :lk: :mp: :mk: :hk:
Crouching :hp:, Dash cancel forward, Cr. :hp:, Dash cancel forward, Cr. :hp:, Standing :hp: (100% stun on Akuma)


In the corner: Air Messastsu Gohadou from a close distance, cancel into Messatsu Gorasen
M. Gorasen can cancel into itself.
Cr. :lp: :lk: :mk:, Cancel into M. Goshoryu, Cancel into M. Gohadou.

Chun Li:
Houyoku Sen can be canceled into Tensei Ranka on the last hit for a full Juggle

I’ll see If I can discover more, though I’m hardly a pro at 3s. Desk would be better at this than me.




Green Tea at Next Level actually turned this into a real game he calls “Super strike”, it’s 3/5 and 4 star handicap, its basically 3S marvel style, but the neutral/mixup game is just ridonkulous and matches end in 1 hit. Red-parrying has the same frame window as regular parrying so blockstun infinites are easy to stop… it sounds stupid but it’s actually pretty entertaining, he even (jokingly) said he might start holding super strike tourneys


We used to play like that too except we added normal dash cancels and called it Gay Strike because if you got hit once you were dead and that shit is gay.

This same friend is now in Japan teaching mago english and getting in games with all the pros. I’d be jealous if I liked sf4. I’m sure he gets 3s games in to, though. So lucky.


makes no sense

[details=Spoiler]Need to look up again somewhere on this site, someone called combo’d to death by Yun or anything really: “gay asians”

“hate it when Gay asians happens”


Also Mago’s dead dude.

Niitsumago Juice


And THIS is why we should have the option to enable/ disable current dipswitch setting when making lobbies. That actually sounds fun.


Time to do some even dumber shit with Dudley and Makoto as if they couldn’t do enough.


Gouki and Makoto knew what they were doing with dipswitches unlocked.

Anything combo to sweep Makoto beat me up good.


wow, that shit scales horribly…but it looks kinda cool