Fun with X-Arcade (Sanwa)

I’ve got an old X-Arcade Dual laying around and I was wondering if anyone had success with a good method for working the case to drop some Sanwa parts into it (thinking about giving it as a gift and want to save on buying a new case). I’ll prolly plug the stupid bottom two button holes and paint it something fun, but I wanna drop some Japanese parts into it.

Any ideas?

EDIT: JLF and Standard Sanwa Buttons

Alot of work.

I just did a jlf mod to mine tonight. Takes alot of work to do it at proper height, including new shafts.

Unless you have a router, I’d forget it.

Check out slagcoin (look at the stickies) for info on different mounting techniques.

Interesting, does the longer shaft affect the play of the stick? i.e. throw distance, responsiveness… etc.

I’ve been looking for an excuse to get one to possibly work on some of my own stuff, this might be the excuse I need.

You know what’s annoying though? Trying to search for a “router” on the internet.