Fun With Yun

i found a weird glitch with yun.

with yun, do the dive kick super and connect with it.
right after the super is done, do :qcb:+:lp:.
the game freezes right after that.

i dont know if it’ll happen in all instances, i’ve done it like 3 times with P yun vs. cammy and sagat. and it was on ps2.

I did it first try. I’ll mess around with it a little bit more and see if I can find a reason why it does it, but otherwise good find.

Too bad no one uses Yun.

I think the Beholder posted this bug in Shin Ace’s bug’s/glitches take 2 thread. Good find, but beaten to the punch :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry but this is very very old, like late 2001.

also works after you hou super, and the glitch only works on the console versions. dunno about xbox/gx versions though

i use yun! sooo sick.