Funbat 1.0 Results

This is what I remember but message me if anything is wrong and for the other participants:

1st Samir (Ken, Dudley)
2nd Ocean (Q, Chun)
3rd Baofu (Ryu)
4th Mihai (Dudley, Chun)
5th Rob (Urien)
5th Mark (Gouki)
5th RTSD (Gouki, Yun)

Geese I need the remaining entrants from your list and Ill update with the current ladder so just pm me.


Good turnout but we were missing Henry and Tu.
How the fuck does someone play Q so well!!! Last match was way closer than I thought it would be!!!

Eric, your rankings seem more correct than mine. Here are the full results though, help me come out with a fair way of ranking.

-Shane (Alex) lost his only match
-rising_player lost his only match to Garfield
-Garfield (Ibuki) beat rising_player (Yang) and lost to Behruz (Ken) I think
-Behruz lost to Chris (Remy)
-Chris (Remy) beat Behruz (Ken) and lost to Curtis (Hugo)
-Curtis (Hugo) beat Chris (Remy) and lost to Q (Ken)
-Q (Ken) beat Curtis (Hugo) and lost to Rob (Urien)
-Rob (Urien) beat Q (Ken) and lost to me (Dudley)
-I beat Rob (Urien) and lost to Boafu (Ryu)
-Boafu (Ryu) beat you and Mark (Akuma) and lost to Ocean (Q)
-Ocean (Q, Chun) beat Boafu (Ryu) and lost to Samir (Dudley/Ken)
-Samir wins! Samir wins! lol…

Oh yeah, I’ll upload the matches tomorrow, since my battery died and I need to recharge. Good games tonight, was fun.

:rolleyes: Let’s keep this between OG’s. Samir be cheatin. :rolleyes:

Eric; are the DTFL players all aware of T8 next week and where it’s being held? If not I’d really appreciate if the SRK regulars could spread the word. 3S is already shaping up to be the biggest tourney ever for the T tournament and it’d be great to get as many people as possible to fill it up.


Sorry guys, I had my god son’s bbq this Saturday. Saturdays in general are terrible for me.

there’s a remy player out east eh?

Yeah, I told you about him earlier Roy. You and him should get together and have a Remy mirror match. You two are an even match.

oh shit, rob

Next FunBat is after T8 weekend…so that’s July 21st at 7:00 PM.

Vids are up…

Results up on

… don’t ask why the bullets are blue gems instead of numbers