FunBat 1.0: Saturday, July 7, 2007


-BEST 2/3
-3/5 ROUNDS (most likely)

Format will be a ladder system. That means that for the first one today (it’s Saturday as I’m typing this), the rankings will be decided. From then on, it will be as follows:


  1. Random1
  2. Random2
  3. Random3
  4. Random4

5. Random5
6. Random6
7. Random7
8. Random8

The RanBat will be starting at the bottom of the ladder. So what will happen is that Random8 will play the player above him, Random 7. If Random 8 beats Random7, they switch places, and now Random8 has moved up a spot, and Random7 has moved down a spot. So now the ladder looks like:

  1. Random1
  2. Random2
  3. Random3
  4. Random4
  5. Random5
  6. Random6
    7. Random8
    8. Random7

Now, the next match is 7th place spot (Random8) vs Random6. Same thing, if Random8 wins AGAIN, then Random6 and Random8 switch spots, and Random8 is now ranked 6th, while Random6 falls a spot to 7th place.

WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN? It means that if you come fresh to a RanBat, although you automatically get placed at the bottom of the ladder, it means YOU CAN ADVANCE ALL THE WAY TO #1 PLACE ON THE LADDER IN ONE RANBAT.

Any player in the TOP HALF of the ladder can CHALLENGE FOR #1 SPOT. If they win, they switch places with the #1 player, and the #1 player goes to the spot the challenger was at. BUT, if the challenger loses, HE GOES ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM OF THE LADDER, AND CANNOT ADVANCE UNTIL THE NEXT RANBAT. Challenges will take place ONLY AFTER the RanBat is complete. So let’s say you’re disappointed that you lost to some scrub in the top half, and you wanna show everyone you’re a beast, you can challenge (prolly Samir, cause he will most likely still be #1 at the end of the RanBat) and show everyone you’re hot shit (by losing…lol jk). You CANNOT challenge more than once. Everyone in the top half can challenge once though. Challenges will be in chronological order (whoever asks first), and you CANNOT take back your challenge once it has been set. This means that if you think you can beat Samir (for example’s sake again), but Eric challenges him first and takes the #1 spot, you CANNOT back down because you know you can’t beat Eric.

Come out and make Funland better. People who bitch about the stabbings, or the scrubs, or how Orbit is better, fuck off. Just represent and make this shit happen or else don’t fucking post. Thank you.


The grand master of mvc will make his appearance on this ranbat and show off his awesom skills to the many fanboys that will attend this event. :wow:

what? marvel 1?

no marvel 2 on american sticks
i’ll most likley come to this.
if rising_player is the best mvc2 player, i like my chances :smiley:

/edit/ gerjay will be there. gg my chances

I actually meant mvc1, it’s the only fighter game I’ve spent more than 1 year playing.

i was joking anyway, im trash at mvc2

/edit/ fuck you gerjay dont come.

Sign me on for 3S. I’m there, even if my quarters aren’t :stuck_out_tongue:

Why is this scheduled for the same date and time as the LoveGhetty tourney? They posted 2 months ago… pretty shitty organising.

Didn’t bother to check. Sorry for the inconvenience. Didn’t think people who goto Ghetty actually bother to goto Funland, so didn’t think it would interfere.

Theres A ghetty TOURNY !!FYI Ghetty is the best comp on Friday night for 3s n Ac !!

Yeah, if your gay and like new-type.

they still got the original machine wich works 100% fine, well w.e ggxx AC n 3s in Fob land is too hardcore for FL lol enjoy

What does Friday have to do with anything?

what does anything have to do with anything …

I was confused didnt realize the date