FunBat 2.0 this Friday, July 20

What we gonna do is meet at Funland, play some casuals, then head to my place to have the ranbat + MM’s. Cyrus, we set for 3S/CvS2 4/7 for 10 bucks each, correct?

Post if you’re coming. So far I think we should have:

me, cyrus, R_T_S_D, Samir, Ocean, Baofu, JdkMark, Chris (remy dude), Garfield (perhaps?), BananaWeed, and VruS

Post or PM me or MSN me if you’re in for sure.

Friday night at 7.

i’ll be there 100%

come on jay.

i will money match anyone there in 3s /cvs2 whose name isnt samir or ocean or jay
i already have a 4/7 for 10 in 3s/cvs2 with le geese

What the fuck.

his name is jahangir…so you lose. bet it!


Conquerer of the World.

=/ ???

I’m there. I’ll be looking over my shoulder too.

Both Mark and Eric are the biggest threat to my rank right now… especially Eric. If he uses Ken I’m done for.


Samir will MM you if you come.

Waste of my time.

Why you gotta be like that?

cause its the truth?

yo Jay i will face u 4/7 and let the others side-bet on us…
willu go to Funland…( i know its crap there)

yo Baufo i will MM for 100 bucks, race to 10

OOOH SHIT I got at least 20 on Samir for this

Here’s Baofu’s response to the MM:

Alex AKA Baofu, Il Principe Scuro says:
Samir just wants to make up for that crushing loss I gave him, I know it, you know it, I wont accept it even if I could

Alex AKA Baofu, Il Principe Scuro says:
if he REALLY wants to MM me, tell him I want odds
Alex AKA Baofu, Il Principe Scuro says:
race to 10 for 100 against Samir; given his perceived skill level, and I dont get odds?
Alex AKA Baofu, Il Principe Scuro says:
say… I dunno, 4-1 or something

Below my standards.

well ok i dunno about samir buti like to have some excitement
whatever your bet is, i’ll put 20 on samir. you win, you get 80. i win, i get 20.

this is IF samir bets 4:1

/edit/ this is baofu against samir.

I’ll also put 20 on Samir. 4:1 odds.

This is Samir vs Baofu obv. Jay doesn’t deserve any special odds, he’s too much man.

Mihai, b4 u say anything, say it to urself 5 times plz b4 doing anything

sry my mistake, and everybody
how do i get those kool pictures under my user name like the ones that Mihai has

mkay so the mm between me vs baufo is going like this
i have to beat Baufo 10x, before he beats me 5 times

Ok, make this shit happen. 20 bucks from me and 20 from Cyrus. 4:1 odds still?