Functioning SE sticks?


Hey all, after reading the thread about defect se sticks it seems alot of people got problems with it. So Im just curious if there are anyone here that has a fully functioning se stick?

The reason for this thread is the se sticks just got in stock here in sweden and Im thinking about buying one, but after reading all the posts it seems all of the sticks got a loose washer that will scratch your pcb to pieces, and buttons that will stop responding after a few minutes of play. So it doesnt look that good…

I have read that the sticking issue is supposed to be fixed in the second batch. Since the stores here just got them in stock is it possible its the second batch?

Thank you for your time!



Just buy it, open it up and make sure the washer isn’t loose. Your buttons will work great for about 2 weeks, so put in your order for new parts when you buy it.


I’ve got about 50 hours or more on mine, and its mostly working fine.
I think the diagonals are a bit sketchy at times, but its still workin. (got replacement parts comin anyway so it doesnt break down in the future and an inopurtune moment)
But yeah, if you do buy one, like above said, open it immediatly, check the washer.


You’ll need to replace the stick either way really.

My washer was lose but didn’t scratch my pcb lines although it did scuff it a decent amount.

As said above the diagonals are very sketchy and many times I’ve found myself being swept while holding db.

The buttons stuck after a day or so because I press them at the top sometimes and they tilted inward. For that I sprayed them with some silicon and it didn’t happen again.

I however haven’t had a button quit on me so…there’s that…

Buy it, glue down the washer, and I would advise buying a new stick but you should easily be able to get a month of play off of it before it semi-annoys you.

All my opinion of course.