Funday Monday Ideas

If you are a fan of SC2 then you know about Day 9 and his funday mondays. It is basically take ridiculous stratifies and put them to use on ranked matches and/or tournaments.

Some Ideas
Thor all kill- let your team die so you can let thor use your lvl3 xfactor.
Random ults only- Pick some one like storm and only win by random ults with morgan assist.
Phoneix frist- beat the other team only using phoneix but you can’t switch teammates or let your team die so she can get lvl 5
**100% combo **- Can only use 100% combos to kill
Grab only - Can only do dmg by command grabs or grab ultras

That’s basically spitting on the concept of a fighting game.

Relavant to us how?

If you could get the setup for it since most 100% need both assists

Thread useless.

Requesting lock.

This could have interesting ideas, but the ones in the first post are not very good.

Yeah he would usually limit like, options. For example, no using the exchange button, or no jumping, no blocking, no AG ect.