Fundraiser update; $825,000 new stretch goal


Lab zero just said that if we get the fundraiser up to $825,000, then whoever came second in the voting will be added to the roster and they’ll get a story mode as well. Thoughts?


^Thoughts? I don’t know how much more the fans can give already. I’m worried we’ll just barely make it to the third DLC character. Never mind the free license to the engine for Friendship is Magic at $725000! I think it’s up to fans of that project to come in and help there. If they can start pitching in then maybe we’ll reach that goal and maybe, just maybe, we can hit the $825000 for a fourth character.

But my most honest thoughts? Stop at the third character. Save up the cash and prepare for Skullgirls 2 instead.


It was already known that if it got a 4th characters worth that it result in a fourth character. It’s just back then when it was asked, a 3rd character looked really far out off.

And if we do get stuck between goals, expect new animation stuff and the like for the game like win poses, and taunts.


If it hasn’t been talked about already, is it possible to do a daily character reveal the last 7 days if the crowdfunding doesn’t hit 20k per day? It could raise more bucks