FUNKY FIGHTER $500 1st Place Nashville, TN RESULTS 7.26.09

40 Players entered…

1 CLINT (Sagat) Atlanta
2 LIL MAJIN (Zangief) Memphis
3 WING Zero (Ryu) Atlanta
4 Clint JUNIOR (Anakin) (Rufus, Balrog) Atlanta
5 ShengLongAbuser (Gouken) Nashville
5 Zack (Balrog) Atlanta
7 Porkchop (Vega, Ryu) Atlanta
7 Quincy (Balrog) Nashville
9 Max (Ken) Nashville
9 Lycan (Ryu) Memphis
9 Bishop (Balrog) Memphis
9 300 LB Eugene (Fei Long) Nashville
13 Azure Phoenix (CVIPER) Memphis
13 Shawn (Dhalsim) Nashville
13 Jan (Friend of Blanka Bro) (Blanka) Memphis
13 QCF (Grand Viper) (M. Bison) Nashville
17 Patrick
17 Eddie (Mekkanic)
17 Phil (Krazy Korean)
17 Little Lazy
17 Ian
17 Danielle
17 Shin Blade
17 Andrew West
25 Brandon
25 Rudy
25 Andy
25 Chris from ALabama
25 Jon
25 Fly Mike
25 Patrick Jones
25 Moses
33 Blanka Bro (George)
33 Conformity
33 Nathan
33 Cody
33 Gene
33 Tyler
33 BAD
33 Patrick Lising

What we have learned from this tournament…Nashville did very well vs Memphis except vs LIL MAJIN…LIL Majin played only one Nashville player of note (Grand Viper) and beat him 2-0.

Atlanta took out most of the Nashville players, and there were a LOT of Nashville players that took themselves out because there were so many in the losers’ bracket.

ShenglongAbuser showed the power of Gouken as a LOT of players underestimated him, and he was the highest placing Nashville player.

Thanks to the Tekken guys for coming out and supporting the SF4 scene. Ian and Cody both entered SF4 and Charlie ran Blazblue, so let’s show the same support for them when Tekken 6 tournaments are around on console later this year!

Thanks again to Memphis and Atlanta for making the trip as well…I’m going back to sleep…

Clint beastin’ yet again!

Glad ATL and Memphis came out to support Nashville…good stuff good stuff…

if you guys need a place to crash next time your are down here, let me know ahead of time mang!!

ATL is too strong once again. Clint is a beast.

ShengLongAbuser is definitely a force to be reckoned with using that Gouken.

Quincy - you did a really nice job making this even happen. Everything went real smooth.

:rofl: atl bitch!:rofl: sooooo u telling me atl is super trill in that sf4 huh? cuz i just won a 40 man sf4 toury in denver at the sametime! good shit atl!

hey mosses i really appreciate you housing us friday night big ups to you. good stuff to everyone i played, i had a blast. hope to see you guys this weekend at SEB and in November at Impact Clash

Np at all man, it sucks I played the worst SF4 of my entire life this weekend though ! XD

Had fun with you guys.

Yeah good shit to everyone that came out! Really glad memphis and ATL came through! Hopefully you guys are still here because I am heading to the arcade for mad casuals and possibly more $$$ matches. Need to step my game up.

Q, this was an amazing event man! I had so much fun. Can’t wait for the next one (for which I plan to stay for the B-Boy battles as well).

My living room smells like black man sweat. Seriously. Max came over tonight and we were both immediately struck by stink. It’s so terrible right now. So does my bathroom.

Did I miss a gay orgy or something when I went to bed before you bitches last night? DAYAM it’s stinky.

Had a great time and enjoyed the competition. Was hoping to do better but it was a learning experience. (hate boxer) hope to fight again

SLA, its only the beginning…shit I might have to switch characters…heh…

Good shit ATL representing our city to the fullest! Every atl player that entered the sf4 tournament made the top 8! I’m so proud of ya’ll.

You man hit me up on ps3 yo! I want to play against a good gouken, because I think he is a low tier character and it’s always good to play against great players with low tier. Maybe it takes the right person to play with him. I’ve only played against 1 good gouken player on ps3, so i’m looking for a new challenge.

this is the balrog/rufus player from ATL that got 4th at the tournament

hit me up on PSN or something i want some comp all i do is play online

PSN: Atlantakin

Nicely ran tourney, DreamTR, Quincy, and others who I don’t know!


Clint - Mane good shit on taking the whole tourney! That’s a real Sagat player for ya. I know why I lost so next time prepare to lose!!! Again, congrats for winning that $500.

wing_zero - Really impressive Ryu you got there. Saw you beasting a lot of people during the tourney as well. Good shit on placing third and beasting everyone else you played save for your own boys.

Anakin - I was expecting to fight that Rufus of yours but fought your Boxer instead. Ryu, Dan, Guile, and Boxer are like the only characters I know to fight because we don’t play the game here in Memphis, so if you had played Rufus, then you most likely woulda won. Good shit on placing 4th anyhow, you beasted everyone else save for your own boys. Good shit taking Lolfest the next day as well. Prepare to lose next time!!!

Porkchop - Good shit placing 7th and hyping up shit like you always do. That was a hype ass 1st round match where you repped Claw like you were supposed to rep him against me. Lol you probably woulda won against me in the tourney had you played Claw. Nonetheless, I got my $20 back from our last money match in T5DR and was on my way to getting 20 more. Remember that the score before you got called for a SF4 tourney match and went home immediately after the tourney was my 3 to your 1 so next time I see you we gonna sit down and finish our match won’t we? :slight_smile:

P.S. I heard that you lost a lot of money because of me. DO NOT doubt the power of Lil Majin! Bet on it!

Zack - Impressive Balrog you got there as well as your T6BR Kazuya and Heihachi! I was able to best you in both SF4 and T6BR this time around so hopefully next time you’ll “get your revenge” when you see me again. Good shit, happy belated birthday, and more good shit placing 5th in SF4, beasting everyone else cept for your own boys.



Cody - Man thanks for letting us ******* crash at your place once again even if we left it super shhtankky as well chilling/tripping with us as usual. Good shit with that Lars on T6BR and C.Viper on SF4. Keep it up as usual. We appreciate everything.

Ian & Charlie - Thanks for all of the support in the SF4 tourney and running Lolfest as swift as possible. Lol @ Ian beasting niggahs with Julia in BR…I think I woulda lost to that ish too! Can’t wait for the console release…

DreamTR - Man you’re definitely the Street Fighter player that I’ve heard about. We played only one match the whole weekend on the View~thingamajig which you won. We’ll hafta play a long set or MM eventually to settle this. Good job running the tourney smoothly as usual!

Everyone else (SF4 Players) - Like DreamTR said, yall did better as a whole in this tourney than Memphis. I know for certain that a HUGE factor as to why yall out placed Memphis is the simple fact that there were more of you that showed up…wayyy more. Anyhow, good shit to SLA, Quincy, and 300lb Eugene for placing top 10.


Josh - Yeah I’ll take you up on your offer to learn how to break grabs in Tekken lol. I’ve been out of practice in Tekken as of late and it definitely showed at Lolfest. I think the same can be said for everyone else here as well. Good shit in BB with that Noel. You placed 4th…respectable. Why didn’t you enter SF4? You’re pretty good in that game with Ken. You would’ve done well man. All in all, it always a pleasure former Memphian.

Trung - Man good shit reppin in BB, T6BR, and SSBB this weekend. You gave me a good ole ass whippin in both BR and BB lol. Gave me a run for my $ indeed. Good shit and keep it up man! Beastly!!!

Jamie - Good to see you again. Lol that kiss from your wife made you go into beast mode against whoever that was (Cody or Trung IIRC). Too good. That Kuma of yours is super beastly; you almost beat Anakin. Good shit placing 4th in Lolfest. We didn’t get to play, but yeah, good shit as usual!!!


We failed but we tried our best anyways. Ernie is hosting RIGHT NOW! Let’s gogogogo!!!


BlazBlue Results

1st - Lil Majin (Tager)
2nd - Trung (Litchi)
3rd - Boss (Bang, Jin, V-13)
4th - jio (Noel)

oh gawd, same dude that beasted me 3-0 in casuals with Rufus on my Chun at the arcade Sunday…I’m adding yo ass! LOL…

good stuff mang!

Two SF players in the Top 8? Good job tekken players placing top 8 :wink:

@skiddy770 - You were the asian dude, right?

I think I only got to play you once on Sunday on the VEWLIX. I think you beat my Ryu 3-2 with your Balrog?

I’ll add you for sure because I got beasted in the tourney by 2 Balrogs. I need practice against that matchup because no one around here mains him!

yes that was me

i only made an account on SRK to talk shit. haha i dont really post much but i do read from time to time :slight_smile:

Sounds good haha, I’ll add you tonight when I’m home.