Funky Fighter STF4 $500 Cash and Brawl $200 cash Nashville TN July 25

Biggest Video game tournament and B boy 2 on 2 jam
In Tennessee on the same day

Rocketown Presents
Funky Fighter
Nashville, TN JULY 25, 2009

Street Fighter, Brawl, and marvel Vs Capcom 2 in second room

Street Fighter 1 place $500 cash
2 place 75 dollar gift card for the 2 place winner in Street Fighter

Brawl 1 place $200 cash

Marvel Vs Capcom 1 place 40% of pot cash

*Bring a Complete Set-Up / And your venue fee is waived.

Rules STF4

Tournament will be played on the PS3

2 out of 3 matches of 2 out of 3 rounds of 99sec

You can only change your character once between matches

All characters will be available to pick

Doors open at 12pm close at 12am. Battles start at 12:30pm for video games - Do Not Be Late.
$ 10 dollars at the door 10 dollars for each game.

More rules on the way

B boy judges
Lil lazy Massive monkeys
Jesus Louisiana

2 on 2 battles B boys
$800 Cash 1 place

DJ Alphatrion
10 dollars at the door

Cameras are welcome 10 extra at the door. This is an all ages event.
Please respect the venue: No smoking, drugs or alcohol
inside the venue. Come test your skills at the Funky fighter.

Please try to pre register it would be greatly appreciated at
Rocketown venue: 401 6th AVE. South Nashville, TN 37203
Any Questions 615 516 6604 for Quincy

Play in trade just added a 75 dollar gift card for the 2 place winner in Street Fighter

I’m going to be running SF4 at this tournament. $500 cash for 1st place. Easy money for someone, right? =P

New rules for SF4:

Best 2 out of 3 matches, 3 out of 5 ROUNDS the ENTIRE tournament.

$10 Cover Charge
$10 EACH tournament

Cash prizes are GUARANTEED.

40% of the pot on Marvel for the winner. The other 60% is DONATED to charity. This is all for a good cause and NO MONEY is being made off this tournament.

SIGNUPS at 12 NOON on the day of the tournament, tournaments BEGIN at 12:30 PM. Times will be announced later.

Good shit. This tournament is gonna help me pay for a Flatscreen. :tup:

But it’s on same day as SEB, and I was planning on going down to that. BUT…

It’s one day before Lolfest IV and I could just hit this and stay in the 'Ville for that too. Decisions, decisions…

BIG news the funky fighter has moved so for all you peeps that wanted to go to both comps heres the chance*** funky fighter new date JULY 25 SAT be there ***

Sounds like a great event and great time!

Yo its almost here call me for?

Bump for massive greatness.

Man I am so hype for Funky Fighter! It’s gonna be dope. Peeps that come should stay for the B-Boy competition. I plan to as it should be hype (they ain’t ready Q).

No Gear?

If you want it will get it gear 40% pot

am i reading this right? A guilty gear tourney in Nashville? PLEASE tell me I’m reading that right!? :wonder:

yep you dream it you get it any more request we have 12 hour of game play lets fill in the time huge gaming areas TN just got on a whole new level TN stand up


Great, I’ll be there. Why no MvC2??

Heck i wouldnt mind seeing TvC, or BlazBlue or even some Tekken there as well. This tournament sounds like its gonna be a blast. :tup:

wish I had a ps3 stick…

Tekken 6 BR tourney, LOLFEST IV, the next day at Game Galaxy arcade in Nashville. Arcade also has Blazblue, but it’ll be on console by then won’t it? Oh, well maybe it will be there. But GG for sure.

You guys know i’ll be in this shit! REVENGE!

Hotels are cool but look at this place its gamer paradise

awesome man, thanks for the heads up.