Funky graphical bug in Garou:MotW ever since Mame update

So I recently updated Mame (went from ye olde .8x or some shit) and went to play G:MotW and WHAT HAPPENED TO TERRY’S STAGE? The girders on the bridge on the third iteration of his stage are SIEZURIFIC. There’s a jittery raster glitch that wasn’t present in the older version. I tried all sorts of nonsense to fix it but damn that’s a stubborn bridge. Perhaps a bit nitpicky but that’s my favorite stage and I want it looking perfect god dammit :[

Anyone know how to fix this?

yes, use Final Burn Alpha

a zillion times better than MAME

Did you update your roms too or just the MAME executable?

is Final Burn Alpha the best emulator for neogeo games?

Im using mame32 and notice that Samurai Showdown 1 and KOF01 no longer work.

When new versions of Mame come out you need the matching ROM sets to go with them. You didn’t answer my question, but that may be your problem.

the best emulator for neogeo games is probably kawaks

but nfba is still amazing with neogeo stuff. (metal slug 3 on nfba is gorgeous)
The reason why i said kawaks is cause SS5SP doesn’t seem to like NFBA much, and if you include the neogeo thing inside the zip sound emulation isn’t too pretty

Updated roms as well when I realized the problem. Didn’t help. Tried different NeoGeo bios, didn’t help. Maybe I’m just not using the right one.