Funland 2007 - Ranbats starting July 6th!

Here we go! Details aren’t set yet, but Samir talked to the owner and he said we can do it. I got my camera this week, so I can hold around 40-50 minutes of high quality footage. From what I can tell, we can get around 10 people or more for 3S, and other games if there’s interest. Start posting!

Blog site:

Nothing on the site yet, but I will update it soon with the details of next week’s first ranbat.

I would suggest starting the RanBats after T8.

Good luck in your endeavour.

Woo, finally ranbats at funland.

Watch them move the 3s machine back to it’s original place, since so much people will be crowding near the entrance area it’ll make so much trouble.

Lol “high quality” footage.

640 res dude. I never said it’s gonna be that sorta quality lol. Seriously tho, Samir has enough talent to make Funland “high quality”.

is it a digicam? i really want one that does 640 for as long as the card allows cause mine right now does 640 for like 20min per 2gb card but only 1min at a time :frowning:

45min @ 320 res is godly though

Either matches don’t last that long or there isn’t anything worth watching that amounts to a minute.

The latter sounds more plausible.

Weird dude, you’re scaring me lol. But yeah, mine does 640 at “Fine” setting (which is 30fps) for like 40-50 minutes on a 4 gig card. I don’t think mine has that 1 limit thing though, cause it’s a pretty new model (Sony Cybershot DSC-W80). Here’s a vid I took tonight with it at the setting I’m talking about:


I dunno, mine says it will record as long as you want at both 320 and 640 but it runs for about a minute at 640 and then just stops on its own. 2x 2gb cards gets me an hour and a half @ 320 though which is good for Youtube anyway. Plus it’s MAD small (no homo).

Yeah I’m gonna try 320…maybe it’ll look the same as 640 cause Youtube reduces it automatically. That’s really weird that it stops on its own though. I’m gonna try recording for more than a minute and see what it does.

Take your camera to a viewing of Die Hard. See how much you can tape.

Lol I’m going to a “special screening” of I Pronounce u Chuck & Larry. I’ll bring it there and then get arrested lol.

PS. Brass Rail = rape lol too good in this shitty weather

Ok, I’ll be at Funland today at around 5:30. Gonna stay about an hour.

Edit: Haha! Holy shit, i just found out about this, played a few games on keyboard =( Need to get a pad…

New vids from Funland!


Ewww Samir’s Yang is trash.

Details for the July 7th (SATURDAY, not Friday anymore) RanBat are up at:

Close/delete this shit. No need anymore.