Funland arcade close it doors

Man today is the worst day Ive had in a long time, me and two of my cousins went down town
Toronto today to buy some gear and to see whats going on in the big city, after getting a bite to
eat at my favorite pizza joint, I asked if they would like go play some games, they said why not.

Upon arriving at the door to the arcade things didnt look too right, the place was all dark inside
so I decide to push the door open, to my surprise all the games were gone and the only thing
insight was the guys that Ive known for so long, I could see the uncertainty in their eyes and
I guess they saw the same thing in mine when I asked what was going on. My first question
was whats going on, new renovations, no, no one of the guys said, we are closed, what do
you mean closed I asked, we are closed for good. we are closing up shop.

These are some of the memories Ive had at funland:

Ive been going to funland since maybe 1987-88, and they always seem to get the latest
games, especially the big street fighter cabinets, Virtual fighter, Samurai Showdown, Killer instincts,
you name it they had it, they also had a crazy collection of old school type games like Gyrus, Centipede etc.
I can recall at one time they had 2 giant street fighter cabinets with the Hugh screens, man those were sweet.

That place was a magnet for street fighters from all over the city, North York, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton,
Scarborough, you name it, they all flocked to that spot. Funland was the place to test your skills, get your ass
handed to you and get respect from so many different styles of fighters.

We also had a code of conduct amongst us regulars, no throws in street fighter, mercy rounds, and respect for
all players regardless of skill, if you broke those rules, it would be us against you, so one guy would have to fight 3
guys sometimes, and if he tried playing again he would face all elite players.

In closing that place not only gave me a bunch of friends that I hang out with, but it also kept me off the street
where I could have been getting into all sorts of trouble, so If you were a regular at Funland dont forget those good
old days, it seems fitting that the new street fighter is bringing back the old school style of play.

Man now I have to go buy a 360 and a good controller or find a new spot to play street fighter 4.

Thx man, Im a 100% arcade player, I hate consoles for games like street fighter,nothing better than having a good game in front of live people, but it sucks when u loose as well.

For real, i know a bunce of guys that use to go to Ryerson when i was going to Gerorge Brown for graphic design, ya that was the spot.

do u have address for those places, i have to be there when SF 4 Drops.

Video Link of funland




sorry for your loss, though

It actually closed on the 22nd I think…

There is always playscape in Pacific Mall and Lovegetty in Richmond Hill though.

It sucks though because I go to Ryerson, and Funland was the place I’d waste my time at in between classes.

I’m sorry this has forced you to make multiple back to back posts.

It’s all good.

Oh my I know how it feels. Its happened to me quite a few times. But the I took it personally when Gamewarp in Atlanta closed down. I had so many memories in that place, and I looked forward to going to that place every week to see what games they packed in their. Do you know why they closed it? Arcades disappear with little warning, especially when you thought they were doing good business.

Lovegetty, although its got probably the best people I’ve ever met, is far, Pacific Mall isn’t exactly up to date, last time I went there it still has GGXX #Reloaded.

Sounds like a horrible place to play…glad it’s shut down for good.:lovin:

Go play on GGPO or something, another arcade down is not news.

Who are you?

A random person (screen name is my real name btw)… I am not really a part of GTASF. I have gone to a couple of casual’s at Brett’s house and met Jed, Yasanagi and a couple of others and have been to a tourney at Rae’s house but other than that I am pretty disconnected from the GTASF scene.

I just know those arcades because I have been to each once… I know they are far from funland, but if you are dedicated to the arcade, making a trip weekly shouldn’t be too hard, unless you are a broke ass student and don’t have your own car like me.

That is mad gay, lol. Unless you were talking about it strictly in a reminiscing fashion.
I had to deal too much of that shit in Scarborough when I was a kid. Most of those pricks would only enforce their “rules” on people smaller than them.

Ottawa’s last arcade closed last week as well… defiantly a sad time for arcades.
Funland was some good times. a great mix of new and classic games. it will be missed

Worst fucking arcade ever.

So elite players who don’t use throws?

Come by my house sometime next week or so and get stomped in VF5. :nunchuck:


Oh man there’s a FunLand here in London. I hope they dont close that too.

I’ve actually been there once.

I live about an hour away from the city so visiting arcades isin’t exactly something I could do regularly.

I guess it makes sense that arcades in Canada just can’t make profits like they used to 20 years ago due to the popularity of console and computer gaming.

PS: OP, that ‘code of conduct’ you had is very weird… When I used to play in arcades for Street Fighter 3 (about 8 years ago at the arcade in Albion Mall) our ‘code of conduct’ was to always give a mercy round. Man I used to love playing at that arcade, owning 20something year olds with Akuma when I was like 12 years old lol.

Hope fully they bring SF4 when it drops, i guess that will have to be my new spot in the mean time.

You guys are crazy…no throws was the way people played SF back in the day across plenty parts of North America. No surprise. Nothing wrong over reminiscing over something very real back in the day. It was hard times back then. People didn’t have SRK to look at learn from all day so when things got cheap they took action. :lol: Arcades were good times for everyone back in the day. Even past the skill level of the players at an arcade…like the topic creator said its about the relationships built and being able to play people face to face. You just don’t get enough of that these days now that the cool thing is to play over computer inputs across a network.

I use … way too much.