Funniest looking move

I know this is off topic but think about it. In a real life fight which CvS2 move do you think would be the funniest thing to see someone actually do in real life. My person opinion is the rising tackle because think of how bizzare it would be to randomly see some actually do that?

RC Hop into RC Blanka Electricity. I win thread.

blankas df + feirce.

Yuri’s overhead getting hit by Yamazaki’s counter. I win bitches!

The only thing she does that doesn’t look stupid is her dash toward

Sak’s shoshosho CC. With Sound.

Roll Super, nuff said

or character specific moves, Dhalsim’s run.

A fat guy doing Rolentos pole hop.

A gang leader throwing 2 knives like sonic booms

Some random homeless person jumping off the walls like Maki.

Many ppl have seen Yoga Fires in college.(done with beer and a lighter-fill ur mouth with a little beer, then spray it over the lighter)

Some guy trying to kick like Dhalsim but he slaps you with rope instead.

I’ve seen flames in ppls hands before.(Make an air pocket in ur hand, let some gas go from a lighter, filling the pocket, and then light it and open ur hand at the same time)

any Ken or Kyo b, qcb+ kick move

Thats all i got.

Wear a pair of fireproof gloves, throw some flammable liquid on it, light it up and run at people yelling “PSYCHO CRUSHAAAAAAA”

That would be hilarious

Dan’s taunt super. In the middle of a fight.

You win the thread

a guy that looks like benimaru doing joe’s taunt. :confused:

That’s not funny. That’s just gay… and you should be very proud.

it’d be funny to see someone try to do the Raging Demon in real life haha!

other funny moves:

Climb on a bird like Nak
light your bird on fire and fling it at your opponent (an expect the bird to come back! :lol: )
Someone trying to high counter another person’s special haha.
pretending to do raging storm.
belly flop (like honda’s jump mk/raiden’s jump fp)
trying to chip with shinryuken

any extended hurricane kick
… chun li’s spinning bird kick
chang (how the hell does he move)
somebody burning K-Groove

to kcxj: gay IS funny. and i hope you aren’t calling me gay btw. not good if you are.

What kind of beer are you drinking in college… ?

Anyway… funniest move by far is yamazaki’s far s.short.

Yuri/Athena’s Butt-bounce?

It’s your standard ‘nut breaker’. The things that catch my attention simply defy physics, such as Chang doing a backflip recovery.

You ever seen PJ (Time_Space) do that? It’s funny as hell because he does that stupid A-Groove combo with Dan and Taunt Supers at the end. The funniest part is when he leaves in the middle of the game. :lol: :lol: :lol: