Funniest tvc combo video


This video is so bad and read the comments just make it much funnier XD.


Must see comment.

2 days ago
wow man this is some crazy combos and mad good video quality i could never beat? you wiht my ken the beagle/yattamon-1 because if you can pull of those combo with a gamecube controller than you must have sick skill im serious lol this almost make me want to quit tvc beacause i know ill never reach this level of and creativity : (


It hurts to say this but if I wasn’t exposed to TvC from the SoCal community, I’d be impressed.

Instead, I’ve had to deal with much better versions of Zero and Ryu than this. I give props for putting it out there, but yea…


He’s pro :smiley: its ok.


Deleting my videos. Can’t match up with this guy.


Oh shit, hope I never have to play him. I think the longest, non-super combo was a WHOLE 15 HITS! FUCK.


I hope that guy is trolling.