Funny as hell Smashbros tourney footage

Damn, that fat bastard is funny.

I’m in that video. First person to identify me…gets something.

Edit the thread title,before a mod suspends you

with a username like lamewadd I’d assume you’d be that “oh yeah” guy.

Also brawl thread is here

I see you. You’re that guy that the video shows on camera during the movie.
What do I win?

You better change the title, or you gonna get banned.

Oh Yeah!

Nope. Dildo.

Nope. Jackass.

Please Mods Ban Lamewadd!

Guess which finger I’m holding up.

The ring finger, because it is the season of loooove.

lamewadd’s the “oh yeah!” kid, isn’t he?

In the words of lamewadd, “oh yeeeeeeeeeeeah.”

edited the thread title, but imma have to lock it now…try again