Funny character interactions/special intros


Just for the heck of it, let’s think up some funny dialogue between characters. Anything goes, just picture any Marvel/Capcom character you want being in the game and describe something funny that could happen.

If Deadpool is on a team with a lawyer character (She-Hulk, Phoenix Wright or Daredevil) and he faces off against Gwenpool, he says to her something like “Me and my attorney are putting an end to your copyright infringement… with extreme prejudice!”


wishful thinking but i hope they put more effort into special dialogue and add special animations too like characters interacting with one another


Didn’t they already do this in 3? At least in terms of having unique lines.


Yeah, MVC3 had great interactions between certain characters.

I’m sure it’ll return in Infinite. Especially with the emphasis on story.


I’m proposing they up the antenna by having actual special animations instead of just lines of dialogue.


Probably not going to happen. Unlike with sprites, which simply use unique frames of animation, doing so in 3D would require changing the cinematic script; changing camera angles, etc. A bit too much work for something that most people will skip after the first time they see it.

I mean, look at games like UMvC3 and MKX which do unique intro animations, all of them simply change the dialogue without changing the animation.


UMVC3 had different intro and win pose voice lines, different quotes and some interaction when tagging out, more noticeable with Akuma and Hulk.
I don’t know if intro interactions would work, because you can move before the fight starts. Maybe team interactions, like SFxT? But those only happened with “official” teams, like Ryu/Ken.


Might be more doable, since you don’t have to break the sequence of “camera pans on player 1, then camera pans on player 2”.


So what? They did it in SFXT. This isn’t really a barrier.

They don’t have to break the sequence. They can create the animations with the panning camera in mind. This is easily doable.


SFxT’s doesn’t break the “camera on player 1 then cut to player 2” sequence.


Considering PSYCH0J0SH was suggesting special intros if you have two specific characters on your team I don’t think his suggestion breaks that either.


As I said, camera placement isn’t really an issue. Animations are typically designed around where the camera is placed. Also, you don’t know that they’re not going to be using jump cuts, but it’s irrelevant either way.


I think both ways are doable if they want to. In fact, I’ll be disappointed if they don’t make team intros, since they went back to 2v2 and tagging to highlight the team aspect of the game.
And rival interactions could be some quick stuff, like X and Iron-man firing at each other like in the trailer, then they are blasted into initial position, the FIGHHHHT! screen happens and you are moving before the fight as usual. Hulk and Haggar do some power struggle like in UMVC3 promotional stuff, Deadpool and Dante shoots at each other and things like that. The only thing stopping them is creativity.


As stated, this is likely not going to happen, as it goes against the traditional “camera on player 1, then camera on player 2” template. Remember, the reason it was easier to do these in the older games was because there wasn’t any camera work to consider.


You don’t know that it’s going to be like that for this game. And even if it is, that’s not really a barrier. They could just replace the normal intros with a special one for certain matchups.


That’s how it’s been for every Capcom fighter after they switched to 3D. Why would this game be any different?


Not just Capcom, NRS does the same thing for their pre-match character interactions/dialogue as well.


Seems like special intro animations is just way too much work for something people will skip 99% of the time.


ArcSys says otherwise


Why wouldn’t it?

This is a new game. There’s nothing in their design document that says “we absolutely MUST do it this way”.