Funny early SF2 reviews!

I found these through a website about various arcade systems.
Pretty funny reviews. “Ryu, a martial arts expert from the original Street Fighter game. This time he’s learned several new moves, including Hurricane Punch, Dragon Kick, and Fireball. He’s agile and strong and is a brilliant all-around fighter.”

Also, I found these 2 US flyers for Super Turbo to be pretty shameless and funny. Really says a lot about how the arcade biz was run. “You set the speed for the fastest, most furious fighting action ever!” "For super profits at turbo speed, call your Capcom distributor or Capcom today!"

i had that issue. wish i could still find the damn thing though.

Haha I had that issue of C+VG magazine when I lived in Europe.

That shit was cutting edge back then.

My friend’s idiot mom threw it out for no apparent reason when he borrowed it. She threw away everything.

OMG look at that stylin’ mullet.

I love how they mention four bosses in the first article, then only list three… what? no love for Sagat???

They called Guile a Punk


they later released a VHS tape with the mag when the snes version came out with them playing through the game as ryu and guile and commentating the whole way through. i lost that too, fuck.

bison is apparently a huge russian wrestler
blanka’s a wolf-man?
dhalsims’ a rubber man?
guile’s the punk…
blanka’s a "mutlad?"
and chun is a girlie ninja… lmfao


oh, i like how the first guy said that SF1 apparently had pressure-sensitive buttons? wtf is that shit? HIT IT HARDER TO INFLICT MAXIMUM DAMAGE!!! what the fuck? you’re a scrub


There’s a bunch more cool stuff on that site. Lots of Capcom games had what they list as “secret file” which apparently is a bunch of inside documentation and fun stuff about their games…like this crazy day in the park picture with all the SF/Final Fight universe characters:

Here’s the main page of the Capcom hardware on System 16 (where I found this stuff). Just browse by system and check out the goodies.

Actually SF1 did have big stupid pressure sensitive buttons and gigantic cabinet.

Back in the days, Americans loves to change discriptions from original versions, espacially Capcom titles.

were they really? hmf! cool. i had no idea, as the cabinet i played it on had stupid square buttons it was in a bar.

as far as that flyer goes… why is there three ryu’s, and two of them are crying (fishing, and apparently alpha ryu getting dumped by sakura for SF2/3 ryu)

LOL, there’s like 2 Akumas in there, a few Kens, I think 3 Ryus (one fishing), 3 Sagats (one scratching his ass), and look Oro is hanging in the tree! LOL down in the lower left Dhalsim and Necro are stretching and grabbing Poison’s leg and a fish. Dee-Jay is passed out drunk. I think that is Dan that has fallen in the lake (you can only see his Gi). Sean is just sitting all alone and lonely with his stupid b-ball. :smiley: I love how all the huge characters are crowded around intimidating Cammy.

About the SF1 cabs, I believe they came in a couple versions. The deluxe one was huge and stupid and had the rubber buttons.

LOL at Blanka being a wolf man, and Chun a Ninja.


ok so anyone know who these are?

the two sumo guys next to e honda
the guy to the right of gouken (goutetsu?)
indian guy behind dhalsim (top right)
guy on the crutch + girl watching zangief and alex arm wrestling

“Honda’s weakness: lack of kicking range”

the indian guy behind dhalsim looks like the guy from his alpha 2 stage.

c.hp, f+hk, flying headbutt, thousand palm taking up 1/3 of the screen… yeah… exaclty.

I noticed those oddballs too. I have no idea. The guy with the crutch kinda looks like Van Gogh to me…dunno why he’d be in there.

i don’t know those already mentioned.

who’s the lumber jack? haggar?
guy in teh wheelchair pushed by sagat? couple next to him?
i don’t know who the five guys are behind gief, hugo, cammy, and sodom. I’m guessing random final fight enemies
what about the cop? i’ve seen him somewhere…

The Cop is from Final Fight 3, first boss