Funny Forum Pics

what sites do you all get them from? like those owned pics…and theres this one pic of gary coleman from different strokes where hes shruggin his shoulders wit the caption “who fuckin cares” :lol: (can somebody post that one?)

but where do u all get these from? i know of ebaumsworld …but scrollin through some threads on here i see pics that i never come across on ebaumsworld :lol:

post up some funny pics if u have some


heres a funny pic.

You can find pictures of Bloody Youkai in the post your pic thread. :slight_smile:

im sure that gary coleman one is on ebaums, keep looking.


I don’t get it??? :confused:

God, you are so fucking annoying.

im guessin hes talkin about the comparisons of total wins and loses on both sides…one side has 94 wins and the other side only has 9 wins :lol:

heres your fucken sandwich!

:lol: :lol: thanks man thats the funniest one i’ve seen

Wins !

:lol: :lol: :lol:

one of the all-time best owned pics.


:confused: :wtf: :sweat:

:lol: u had me there for a minute :lol: