Funny moments in UMVC3 Online Mode?

Got any funny moments in your experience for UMVC3’s online mode? This including rage messages, time over matches, ties, anything funny you got to share, share it!

i was dante
he was dante
we were both full screen on a pixel. we both whiff reverb into fireworks and the fireworks negate eachother, then trade stingers for the tie, rofl.

Me: level 1 frank left, him: dr strange left, with a sliver of health. No xfactor, ten seconds. I keep slide canceling into zombie throws and using pies to try to pressure him. Wether on accident or on purpose, he uses his only meter for seven rings. I wait a few seconds, and throw one pie. Strange falls to his knees with pie on his face as I am victorious.

I ended a match with Deadpool’s taunt for the KO.
I’ve done it once in Vanilla, once offline, and now once in Ultimate.

Draw game in marvel

oh and [media=youtube]dysg_D1b0I8[/media]

If you’ve never tried to land a side TAC right as time’s running out, I recommend it. Your tagged-in character will go flying past the hit character and right off the screen like Superman.

My Task v random Wesker.

Task: Shield Skills
Wesker: Counter Super
Task: Counter Super
Wesker: Taunt
Task: TOD combo into total team kill.

I had a hearty guffaw.

Doom vs Doom.

Foot dive foot dive foot dive foot dive.

Then were lined up and were going side ways the same way foot diving. It was pretty funny but we were really trying to get in on each other.

A random strider bird caught wesker coming out of a teleport and was enough to kill him.

I throw out a random teleport mixing and took a guess on another teleporter and also caught him with a silver of health. It was pretty epic along with running through a entire team with Dark Strider :slight_smile:

Random or with a friend Phoenix Wright mirror matches.or this happened a few weeks ago but a nova did his Air S and dived right into my objection for the K.O

I was toying around with a noob online and I was using Deadpool. I have no clue how he crossed up over or under me but it threw my inputs off and ended up doing Deadpool’s jammed teleport that KO-ed both of us. 3 seconds of silence until my Akuma pops out of the corner, “FINALLY!”

match ends

Sound glitch where every single voice clip for Wesker was temporarily replaced by the “DAMMIT!” he shouts when activating X-Factor.

I was in tears.

Playing someone a few days ago, i had the upper hand in the match, but his 3rd character was hawkeye and he was making a comeback but very low on health.

I had doom out and activated X-factor. Since i suck with doom on point and x-factor speed usually screws up my execution, in a panic to do SOMETHING i accidentally threw out a few hidden missiles which evidently neither of us noticed in the scramble. So he rushes in and kills doom, and while he’s perched waiting for my 3rd character to come out…the x-factor missiles enter the screen over head and kill him.

Neither of us saw it coming. lol!!

it was a few months ago but a match came down to my strider vs strange, strider had 100% health, not sure what strange had but strange had activated xfactor and threw out a fullscreen level 3, I forgot what I did. I mighta dashed in or teleported but either way strider got hit by it and Dr. Stranges x-factored level 3 killed strider. 100% to 0% I lost but I laughed my ass off.

I did it with the explosion once. Deadpool apparently smells like POWERRR.