Funny question...

Is there people out there who plays on a joystick, with no balltop at all lol. I was just looking at a video modding is Sanwa jlf. He took the balltop off and who was moving the joystick(headless, which means no balltop). You know, straight up headless stick. Im just wondering if some people actually plays like that =o.

sigh Yet another topic to push all the useful ones to the back of the forums.

It’s an endless cycle. Pointless space-wasters push good topics to the back, and noobs who can’t search make new topics about the good topics.

or i wonder if someone plays with no BUTTONS!


I did search though =(. I searched up “No balltop” and nothing came out. Why so srs :frowning:

You are not lying I used to come to SRK only for the Tech talk but so many retard fuck heads ruined it with these stupid fucking topics oh my SE stick is hard to use, oh my TE stick is acting funny, oh wait how do you do a fireball , etc,etc. We should just start a retard thread that way we can merge all these dumb as waste of space threads into one “mentally challenged I can’t use a search function or google thread.”

I like the fact you guys have these pictures ready everytime you see someone like me post :shake: