Funny ranked match



Watch the messages at the end, use pause button if it’s too shaky to read. :rofl:

Shoryuken - Gouken vs Adon SSF4

sore loser or a douche or both you decide lol oh yeah he’s expecting a rematch after that LOL


Nice match!

Is Gouken considered “overpowered” these days? I think he used to be. He’s allowed in tournaments, right?


I think he used to be considered overpowered. I don’t feel that way myself. In the past I heard that he wasn’t allowed in tournaments because of this. I could be wrong.


he is because he is a selectable character and also I saw Shine used him for his first offline tourney.


He isn’t banned.


ctrl+F ‘funny’…not found

also you should have rematched him rather than just post a stupid video of him sending hate mail, had it actually been funny or amusing than maybe a post/video on srk might have been warranted(though it’s not threadworthy), this is pretty lame on both parties, mostly on yours though and I can’t help but feel like you might have just randomed him out.

uninteresting match
hate mail
no rematch
no funny
what’s the point?

Next time just rematch him and beat his ass or troll him back with some “lol u mad?” or block him. Shit isn’t that serious man.


why should i even bother to play a douche again?? seriously would you play him again if he sent you an email like that? Seriously? I mean you just beat this guy and he send you something along the line “Play me again you stupid fuck, Ill fuck you up cuz you suck!” you would grant such a douche a rematch? Am i talking to God? LOL may be you are god but I am not. It’s funny because that guy is probably well ranked and he acted like a lil bitch when he loses, you dont find that funny? Well too damn bad I do.


Hate mail is defiantly part of playing gouken, I would love to see a hate mail thread really take off. It just seems people get more up in arms cause most of the time it does feel like you get randomed out when fighting Gouken if they play fireball mind games. I seem to get more hate from T.Hawks and Bisons then any other characters. I have a T.Hawk voice hate mail the other night and i can only understand about 60% of it, fun stuff to show to friends though.

edit i feel like a noob, just noticed the thread for such things on the main board HAH.


Hate mails = Fan mails + a lil twist hehe

seriously why are people so stupid, when they lose and they get angry and do some stupid stuff which means they allow themselves to lose more than just a game, by doing that they actually give even more power to the winner, to me, it’s just another sign of submission.


why is this thread still alive…


cuz the mods aint checkin for this board. This shit needs to be closed.


This thread ended awhile ago until you two revived it