Funny Story for the OGs


I was at Arcade Expo today and they had a World Warrior in a small FG area. I challenge some guy playing Chun. Forgot how SLOW this game is and I was doing inputs way too fast, timing off, didn’t help that jab was broken. This guy was NOT good but not 100% incompetent: knew some decent normal counters, defended my cross-ups and not a straight masher. He won the first match and I was pissed at myself. I then go on to rule his world.

By round 2 of the second game I won, he starts the sour grapes mumbling that all OGs fondly remember. “Man, that’s bullshit. Such chickenshit. Man, why you playing like that?” I was doing standard FB > DP and footsie stuff, not even tick throws or walkups, just remedial OG shit. Every rusty ass, poorly-timed FB I threw, that he woulda/coulda/shoulda punished me for, he late jumped and ate a DP. “Dude, why you cheating? Just play straight up.” I ask him, “So… I shouldn’t use his moves…?”

Midway through game 4, I perfect him and he rage quits. “Fucking cheating ass shit” as he stomps off.

I texted my OG friend: “Dude, it’s like 1992 all over again. Fool was polishing his Aikido black belt on some kids who weren’t even alive when it came out and then rage quit when I busted out standard technique.” We had a good laugh.