Funny video I did

Anyone remember me from the late 90’s?

in before “i thought you died lolz”

edit: is that quiche at 1:50-2:00?

Which one are you?

Don knotts?
Tron Knotts?

Damn, I’m voting for you as the come back poster of the year!

The year has just begun! A bloofy return is imminent, I can smell it.

Why of course!! Although I’ve always been more of a Real World fan so I didn’t catch much of your season. You keep in touch with that queer Noah? Dude thought he was hella sexy with his gay frosted tips. I remember you clowned his ass for tryin’ to get all hardcore on that training dummy w/ tha nightstick. You him and the chick with tha dark hair and big teeth are tha only cast members I remember. God damn my memory is crazy. I was only 11 or 12 when that shit aired. Anywho, how come I ain’t seen you on one of those ‘Challenges’ playa? Where u been at?!


Yes, Yes I do