FUNZONE TOURNEY! (mvc2, ggxx, cvs2)

1.Brandon “DemonHyo” Dashield (IronMan / doesn’t matter)
2.Justin “Boyboobs” Wong (Magneto…i mean man boobs)
3."STANK"ford (team stank)
4.Bryheem “Hurtin” Keys (Cable / Cable / Cable)

note: Justin ripped through winners bracket by distracting horny mvc2 players with his man boobs, but lost to Brandon, who’s from philly and does not enjoy man-boobs. Stankford used his patented special move, “act like playing real fast, but really flapping my arms to make other players eyes water with stink” tactic to get third. Bryheem tricked all his opponents into not picking cable, then somehow finds a way to pick 3 cables and gets 4th place.

p.s. After losing in first round to DMX, Viscant blamed his loss on his homosexuality…and finally admits he is infact a queer.


1.Vicky “Hellotitty” Ortiz
3.An oak tree

It turns out that Ricky was actually a girl named vicky, but due to the loud button mashing in the arcades, everyone mistook him for a queer dood named ricky. Vicky is actually a very cool chick that likes teletubbies and video games. Ino didn’t actually attend the tourney, but people decided he was good enough to get second anyways. The fight for 3rd place was an exciting match between JFL and an oak tree. The match was very close, but oak tree takes the win by keeping JFL away while damaging him.

p.s. Viscant’s day went from bad to worst, when he found out that his secret crush Ricky, was a girl. Viscant is last seen leaving the Funzone with 3 muscular guys in bicycle shorts.


  1. 48 player tie

note: every match in ggxx tourney turned out to be double K.O’s, tieing everyone in first place.

p.s. Viscant came back for the GGXX tourney, but was disqualified for being a queer, hence, being the only person not getting 1st in ggxx.

This was a very fun tournement. Alot of people traveled hundreds of miles and wasted hundreds of dollars to show off their video gaming skills. It was truely exciting to see these video game buffs go at it in a real adrenalin rush situations. It was sad to see Justin lose his title as MvC2 champion, but we all knew that Justin’s man-boobs weren’t fooling anyone. Stankford was a real cool guy, taking everyone’s games and showing cool combo’s that no one can do. It was alittle awkward when he tried to buy a slice of pizza next door with sentinal unfly tips, but when the pizza man told him “get the fuck out you crazy fuck”, we all had a good laugh…HAHAHA…stankford, you’re the greatest!! Ricky…I mean, Vicky, was a very popular person at the arcade. When everyone in the arcade found out he…she was a girl, well…imagine the commotion. All the guys were really sad, when we all found out that vicky and the oak tree have been dating for years…oh shucks!! Video gamers don’t need girls!! During the tourney, some kids tried to play some games, but all they were doing was picking stupid characters and doing stupid things!! HAHAHAHA, so Xecutioner, and all the NY players went to them and told them “you guys are scrubs!! you don’t know how to do AHVB and OTG after combos…and you guys are only playing low tier characters!! what a losers!!” HAHAHAHA…NY players are so cool…they sure showed those scrubs who’s the real cool kat on the block!! Well, one of the scrubs turns out to be a college football player, and ended up kicking the shit out of couple of the NY crew, but all in all it was fun. Thank you guys all for the great tourney!! It was so awsome!!


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what is ur problem?

too much mvc2 does this to a person…

oh sorry, but please don’t bad mouth ppl.

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GO TEAM GRANITE#$&#*#(&(#%& MERRY 420 BITCHEZ… keep writing these stories and I’m gonna be forced to publish them…

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editors note: This is a joke thread I made to be banned from shoryuken. (here that dc_static? joke!! sorry no vids…HAHAH!!)

*justin does not have man boobs, since he’s not a man…just a boy.

*stankford does not smell as bad as I made it out to be. The watering of the eye will not occur unless he is breathing into your nose.

*a friend of mine from a philly tourney told me he saw a girl kicking ass in CvS2, which turns out to be ricky. I had no choice but to make fun of him.

*Viscant…well, he is infact a queer.

*NY people are cool, and probably would not get beat up by anyone, since they all run around thinking they are magneto’s and sentinal’s anyways.

*Bryheem really does trick people into not picking cable, so that wasn’t a joke, but its still funny fucking funny.


:lol: this is some funny stuff:lol:

too good :lol:

FUNZONE will hold another tournement soon…featuring Team Seattle and Justin’s new crew Empire Arcadia. It’ll be a blast!!

Oh yeah…the results will be posted on gaypex so practice practice practice…no time for school or social life!!