FUSE AKA get ready to give EA your money

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Originally titled Overstrike when it was announced, FUSE is Insomniac’s first multiplatform game and it’s published by EA…yeah I know, but go play the demo before you start boycotting it. The demo convinced me this is a must buy. It plays like a mix of Gears of War, Uncharted, Borderlands, and Ratchet and Clank, there’s even a clear nod towards UC in the demo. It’s a shooter for people who are burned out on shooters, the unique powers (especially Naya’s) and all weapons feel really satisfying, and in the demo you can actually die. The comedic tone of the original trailer has been swapped for the serious gritty tone found in most shooters these days but it looks like the witty banter between the 4 main characters is intact so it’s not a bad fit. I played the demo solo and the AI is pretty decent surprisingly, but I imagine it will be a lot more fun in co-op.


2011 announcement trailer:

18 minutes of game play shows off each agent’s powers:

echelon multiplayer:

New demo walkthrough:

Demo boss battle:

This was really simple, just shoot the weak spot in the back but the open environment and gun play made it really fun.

Yep, I tried it, seemed like a watered down Borderlands. More like Boredland.

Had some generic cover moves that are cool but since I don’t support bullshit companies like EA and what they stand for I will ignore this one.

Not after Sim City EA wont get a dime.

Have a feeling that Insomniac is going to crawl right back under Sony’s roof…

That bad huh?

Going to have to check the demo at least. Sucks though since most of my friends are on PS3 and I have X-Box. Bots are nice, and leap will help, but I can’t help but feel I’d be missing out on a huge part of the experience if I’m playing solo.

You didn’t like it either?

I don’t know what AP and SH are talking about, demo was convinced me this is a buy.

This article sums up my feelings succinctly: http://www.onlysp.com/2013/04/28/will-fuse-be-the-sleeper-hit-of-the-year/

It will be yet another quality game with shitty sales due to lack of marketing and the core gamer’s ignorant assumption that it’s another dudebro shooter from EA.

I haven’t played the demo yet but knowing I need to log on to Origin makes it a no buy to me.

The demo is fun… But i will wait for the reviews/price drop

I didn’t say I didn’t like the game or that it was going to be bad but there is little to no hype for this game unfortunately. If I want to be completely honest I’m not interested in the game myself at all. The only thing I’m truly miffed about is that it’s another shooter. shrugs Insomniac’s trying to go multiplat and breakout from underneath Sony and they make another game in a genre that’s over saturated.

Wow, I came into this demo with no expectations and I’ve been thoroughly insulted and disappointed. I’m going to ignore the fact that I wanted the original Overstrike and the fact that this is an EA game for a bit to write this.

Let’s start with the fact that it requires a separate online service that I have no interest in, to play this game online. I don’t care if other games do it. It’s inconvenient, it’s gaudy, and it’s in poor taste.

Booting up the game, I’m treated to a boring monologue about the game’s story. I would have preferred a cutscene or even scrolling text. I was fairly interested in the game’s story, until that bit.

The tutorial screens are about as annoying and intrusive as internet pop-ups. They are also twice as vapid and has the wonderful bonus of treating you like a drooling imbecile. “You should avoid enemy fire” it says before my first gunfight.

The controls feel loose, and since the game’s release date is around the corner I don’t expect them to get any tighter. I’m used to playing games like Gears and even Ratchet. It’s weird for Insomniac with their pedigree to let this slide.

This has come to my attention:
“Exp farming is too easy. the most common way is to use Dalton and set up shield then switch to Naya, take cover on the shield and Blackhole chain everyone, her bullets can pass through the shield and add fuse combo exp. also this game should be played on hard mode from the start since enemies on normal die to quickly before you can even set up a decent fuse combo.
>the game is easier on hard mode”

Yeaaaaaah…expect a day 1, 2, 3, 400th patch for this and many other possible issues to be found. Also, why are headshots WORTH LESS than a normal kill. What. The. FUCK?!

Enemies spawn in droves from obvious enemy closets. Also, every single enemy is a bullet sponge. This creates a cycle of shooting galleries that might outdo Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3 in being both boring AND tedious.

The humor and the new style DO NOT MIX. How do you change the art style and tone of the original game, yet retain the humor style? It’s like mixing potato salad and sand. It just doesn’t work. The thing about the “Awesome glasses”? Not funny, actually it manages to be even less funny than Borderlands and it’s sequel.

And speaking of art style, can this game get anymore grey? I think it accomplished the herculean effort of being more grey than Gears of Fucking War. Pause, and process this statement.

Speaking of style, the health bars don’t belong either. It juxtaposes pretty badly with the grittier art style and setting.

Then there are the pre-order bonuses. Why is “Increased Damage” a pre-order bonus? Come on.

I actually have quite a bit more to say, but I think this sums my opinions up pretty nicely. Hope you guys have more fun with it than I did.

Oh yeah, I’m a cheap ass gamer so even though I like the demo I’ll wait till it drops to $30 lol. I made the thread because it’s shaping up to be a very good game that has not gotten the attention or marketing it deserves, and Insomniac Games is one of the most consistent quality studios this generation.

Usually I’d join the EA hate train, but not this time, blame any problems you have with FUSE on Insomniac not EA except the lack of marketing fuck EA for letting the hype the Overstrike announcement trailer generated die. It’s being published through EA’s partners program which lets the developer own the IP and keep 100% creative control.

For reference click here.

The Origin account requirement is bullshit, totally agree with you on that, I don’t blame anyone if that alone is enough to turn people off to any game.

Okay…so you’re complaining about a short introductory cut scene? The kind 99% of games even old school ones have? Of course you don’t have to like it but now you’re on some neogaf nit pick tip

Totally agree about the tutorial thing, I hate being condescended to by a game, and the controls for movement have garnered split opinions on neogaf. About half of gaf including myself seem to like movement and aiming while the other half say it’s too laggy. Both can definitely benefit from a little more tightening up but sensitivity options should alleviate that for you.


We saw very very little of the original art style and tone, 1 video to be exact so to extrapolate as much as you and many others have on that is a stretch. Anyways I’m sorry you don’t find the dialogue amusing but at least most people including myself and even those who didn’t enjoy the demo did.

It’s interesting you say it looks grey (which I admit the demo does) because fan feedback convinced Insomniac to add more color and vibrancy to FUSE, so let’s hope other levels showcase that in the final build. But this gives me hope:

not grey



Totally agree, this pre order bonus started by Game Stop and copied by other retail outlets has got to fucking stop.

On the bright side no attention = quick price drop. At least here on mexico (where new games cost 83 dollars :/)

FUSE is dropping tomorrow is anyone buying it? Doubt it lol.

I guess your job from EA to promote this game will be incredibly short lived.

Played the demo, it was fun. Woulda hit it up on Gamefly if I didn’t have so many backlogged games to get first that don’t come from EA.

And yet I played Dead Space 3 so I can’t really talk I guess.