Fused souls, The ermac video thread



Since we have character forums I thought it was a good idea to give ermac his own vid thread.

Post your ermac vids here.



Here’s what I came up with a few days ago. I think you can add in two hits after the teleport when you are on the ground before you do the green out push energy ender. I saw LI Joe add 2 extra hits, so if it’s 43% with a jump attack, 40% without, then I assume it’d be 49% with the extra 2 hits and a jump attack.


Video I made 2 days ago demonstrating most of his basic combos, meter combos and X-ray combos.



like they say, go big or go home.



Posted that on the other thread… 61% X-Ray… 47% without Meter.


With everyone doing combo videos here are some I messed around with yesterday. I was specifically going for ones that used no meter and were not screen dependent. Are there character specific combos yet? I haven’t looked.


Number 6 I know I saw someone post here before, it was a good one and takes a nice chunk of life without much effort.


Here a nice video I put together the other day. Has a few pretty good BnB’s. Hope you guys like it.

Ermac BnB’s. By Kain


Made a video recently. Basic Ermac BNB combos and such. Enjoy!

Ermac Combos:



Impractical, but I’m sick of seeing the same Ermac combos.



Maybe you already know these stuff


Posted this on TestYourMight.com


Gonna post vids up tonight


Here are some matches involving my Ermac from yesterday:

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I’m trying to use Ermac as a zoning type of character, hence why I’m maintaining my distance with Force Push and his projectile.


BnB vid, please sub, loads more characters on the channel.



Trying to start out a new series by exploring Ermac inside the lab and online… trying out random combo, basic combos

Trashing the Lab Episode 1 - Ermac


thanks alot