Fusing a 360 Hori EX2 PCB with PS3 MadCatz SE stick?


Hey TT, first post in this forum, not sure what to do with this situation.

I just grabbed a barely used Hori EX2 360 stick for $25 from someone, and just want the PCB from it. Is there a way to actually dual mod my MadCatz SE (already with Sanwa parts) using the Hori PCB? I have decent soldering skills, just not exactly sure where I should start and what I should be looking out for. (The most soldering-intense project I’ve done was soldering wires to contacts on a Mayflash PCB).


Cannot, because the EX2 PCB is not Common Ground.

Unless you know how to turn into Common Ground.
By use of Optocoupler and Resistor, Hex Inverter and Analog Switch, Transistor and Resistor.

Not worth the time and cost to do.


Damn. So now I have a useless Hori 360 stick? Anyone want to buy? Hahaha.